The steel industries play a fundamental role not only in our society, but also in the industrial sector itself. These industries are responsible for producing the most used material in the sector, and also around the world.

Steel, before being steel, is an ore. The process takes place by heating this material in boilers under very high pressures and temperatures. Like any combustion process, burning is responsible for the generation of toxic residues that, when released into the atmosphere, contaminate the air.

Considering the great importance of the operation of this industry, its difficulties and challenges, it is necessary for this sector to find ways to adapt and evolve towards a more sustainable, optimized, integrated and agile operating model.

For this to be done, this industry needs to adopt technologies in its processes so that they understand what their difficulties are and, based on that, they can change to a more efficient model.

Much is said about the disruptive role of industry 4.0 in these transitional processes. It is true that technology has helped human beings to overcome barriers and overcome their challenges since the first industrial revolutions.

But industry 4.0 has digitization as its strongest banner, and not even the oldest could imagine the magnitude of the changes worldwide through digitization.

It is necessary to use the digital transformation intelligently, and that is where the concept of contextualization arises.

Data contextualization is the treatment of this data, crossing it with other information, so that the management is able to understand what happens in the plant. Not only have information diffused in countless systems that no one can access, but also have the right data at hand, with easy access, and the certainty that there is the information necessary for decision-making that will change the industry’s history.

It is necessary to innovate, revolutionize. We have reached a period in which innovation becomes a requirement for survival, not only in an increasingly pressured market, but survival for humans residing in an environment that is already very much attacked.

Digital transformation is the starting point and much needed on a long journey towards sustainability, security, and smart use of resources.

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