MODEC has been at the forefront of delivering solutions to the Floating Offshore Oil & Gas sector for over five decades with operations across several countries. To ensure the continuous and secure extraction of oil and gas amidst the relentless challenges posed by offshore environments they partnered up with Vidya Technology. This history dates back to 2020 and now MODEC has trusted Vidya to launch the Digital Fabric Maintenance application for the company’s entire Brazilian FPSO Fleet.


Project Summary


Guaranteeing the integrity of the asset requires periodic inspections to identify anomalies such as external corrosion. This process usually involves the visual identification of anomalies. Which beyond time-consuming and expensive, poses risks to those onboard. In this manner, MODEC took advantage of the opportunity to disrupt the traditional inspection process and decided to innovate.

The Digital Fabric Maintenance (DFM) application serves as a solution for enhancing the efficiency of corrosion assessment with minimized people on board (POB).

Transitioning from inspection to maintenance, DFM facilitates automated corrosion monitoring through the integration of Artificial Intelligence for corrosion identification and classification. This way, MODEC could leverage Digital Fabric Maintenance to accurately discern the true condition of their assets, empowering their workforce to optimize resource utilization effectively.


Modec Fleet


In the context of MODEC, the application was implemented across their entire fleet. The project encompasses corrosion targetting in the Topside and Main Deck areas of MODEC operations. In this sense, the Digital Fabric Maintenance approach encompassed:

  • Reality Capture execution
  • AI Computer Vision deployment
  • Prioritization of areas according to criticality
  • Forecasting budget optimization


The project started with the allocation of only one person on board for the reality capture of the entire plant for each FPSO.

Therefore, Computer Vision algorithms processed field data enabling the identification of the degree of degradation and severity of corrosion in each component across the plant, and the affected area with critical corrosion points mapped and classified on a prioritization matrix.

This information is used for the generation of coating plans and reports, which include components, affected area, area to be painted, locations, and criticality. Therefore, offering traceable and auditable coating management processes, and systems in 30 days or less.

Since the deployment, significant outcomes have been achieved including:

  • +5,400,000 m² of inspected area;
  • High precision of corrosion anomaly detection;
  • More than 256% anomalíes identified than the usual approach;
  • 6 days of 1 person on board per FPSO, considering the Topside and Main Deck.




MODEC has been a leading provider of solutions to the floating offshore oil & gas industry for more than 50 years. The company has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to its clients. MODEC is committed to providing safe and efficient operations, and to maximizing lifecycle value for all of its stakeholders.


About Vidya


Vidya Technology is a global oil and gas technology provider committed to supporting heavy-asset industries. Its mission is to make industrial operations more efficient, safe, autonomous, and sustainable. Vidya accomplishes this by joining engineering experience with the development of AI-driven solutions for Asset Integrity and Performance Management.


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