About e-PMC®

Industrial coating management software 

The e-PMC® is a cloud based tool used to manage the industrial coating of complex plants through​ the use of 3D model computations and artificial intelligence.​

There are industrial plants that require major reoccurring and predictive coating maintenance. With​ this tool and its computer models, the maintenance operator can manage the coating areas, coating​ systems, degradation percentage, and plan the team’s coating and inspection activities. The software​ is also capable of managing coating costs, coating liabilities, annual budget planning among other​ necessary functions for maintaining the integrity of industrial assets.

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  • Corrosion coupon and accessories

    Corrosion coupon used for evaluate/study corrosion rates.

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  • Corrosion Probes​

    Online corrosion rate sensors and probes​.

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  • Atmospheric corrosion coupon​

    Coupons to study air reactivity in controlled environments.

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  • Projects

    Vidya elaborates designs Cathodic and Anodic Protection Systems, specify CMP - Corrosion Monitoring Plans and material selection projects. We carry out R & D projects

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  • Analysis, monitoring and inspections

    ​Vidya performs laboratory analysis of corrosion coupons and materials, corrosion monitoring in industrial systems and field inspections.

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  • Consulting

    Vidya provides consulting and diagnostic services for corrosive processes and failures that cause costs and risks to the operation.​

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