The e-PMC® is a cloud based tool used to manage the industrial coating of complex plants through​ the use of 3D model computations and artificial intelligence

​Industrial coating management

There are industrial plants that require major reoccurring and predictive coating maintenance. With​ this tool and its computer models, the maintenance operator can manage the coating areas, coating​ systems, degradation percentage, and plan the team’s coating and inspection activities. The software​ is also capable of managing coating costs, coating liabilities, annual budget planning among other​ necessary functions for maintaining the integrity of industrial assets.​ It is ideal for plant sectors where there is rapid coating deterioration caused by a corrosive​ environment and large coated surface areas with different types of recovery systems, such as in​ Paper and Cellulose, and Petrochemical plants as well as FPSOs, Terminals and other industries.

Main advantages​

Time reduction of up to

for coat maintenance management

Maintenance savings of up to

on campaigns of 10 years​ ​


of coating activities and tasks​

Main Application




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Detailed Features


Integrity Management

  • Coated structures and elements inspection procedures
  • Flexible, adjustable and automatic inspection Planner ruled by priority and risk
  • Gantt and task panel with detailed by elements in 3D models
  • Open and close inspection Service Orders with APP mobile auto synchronization
  • Tablet aided field inspection
  • Many more other features

Coating Maintenance Management

  • Coating systems and schemes selection for each element/structure
  • Automatic coated surface area calculation within the 3D model
  • Teams and costs parametrization features
  • Coating degradation and failure predictive models adjusted by inspection data
  • trough Artificial Intelligence
  • Flexible, adjustable automatic Maintenance Planner
  • Gantt and task panel with detailed by elements in 3D models
  • Annual coating maintenance budget planner
  • Open and close maintenance Service Orders
  • Many more other features

App Mobile

  • Mobile App for field inspections procedures
  • 3D element and location viewer
  • Custom inspection checklists based on standards or client´s procedures
  • Coating degradation and failure predictive models adjusted by inspection data trough Artificial Intelligence
  • Register and store inspection photos
  • Offline mode with automatic synchronization

3D Viewer

  • 3D viewer for the whole industrial plant with element selection and info
  • Visualization Filters and Heat Maps
  • Inspection and Maintenance tasks located on 3D model
  • 3D Visual location of inspection reports
  • Several other visual location for all important information within the 3D model

Integration and API

  • APIs and integration available for other maintenance, integrity and ERP software
  • Consult our team about your integration demand

Other e-PMC Modules

Internal Corrosion Monitoring​

Monitoring the internal corrosion is fundamental for supervising the integrity of pipes, ducts, equipment and systems that compose an industrial plant. The challenge begins with specifying the most adequate techniques, locations and procedures for a Corrosion Monitoring Plan – CMP.​
With this module, the Asset Integrity Manager have online access to all CMP integrated contente of their industrial plant.

Atmospheric Corrosion Monitoring​

Monitoring the reactivity of air in controlled environments such as control rooms, computer rooms, instrumentation rooms and automation centers is vital to ensure the integrity of electrical and electronic equipment.​
With the atmospheric corrosion management module, the integrity manager of the rooms and controlled environments has all the data on the corrosiveness and the efficiency of the contaminant control methods, such as chemical filters.