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Naval Digital Tracking

Hull Integrity Management for M&O


Digital Twin representation
Digital Twin representation

Reduce Drydocking Time

The Hull Integrity Management Digital Twin was developed based on Vessel 3D Digital Model combined with actual inspection data to optimize repair and inspection scopes of work.

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Class Society Reports Exported by Digital Twin

A complete 3D Hull Structural Model is generated, serving as a basis for integrity input data. Therefore, detailed Hull Integrity reports can be exported from Hull Model for Class Society Approval.

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Digital Twin representation
Digital Twin representation

Visual inspections through a Mobile App

Register the areas affected by corrosion directly in the 3D model. You can also take field photos and indicate the thickness of the measurement points.

The Advantages of adopting Naval Digital Tracking

  • Information and data tracking control

  • Optimization in inspection intervals

  • Traceability of Hull Inspection records

  • Digital Management of the Hull Integrity

Planning Tool

Consolidate deadlines and extensios intervals with proper planning and mapping tool

History Traceability

Maintain inspection history traceability and constant up to date hull integrity control

Repair Reduction

Reduce repair and inspection scope of work.

Hull Integrity Digital Twin Use Case

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