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Increase energy efficiency with predictive maintenance

By collecting data from multiple sensors in the field and contextualizing it with Vidya’s Industrial Reality Platform, it is possible to cross-reference the data generated and improve awareness and decision making.

Improve energy efficiency

man/hour reduction in maintenance planning

Deal with problems before they happen

savings on time to reach data and information of the asset

Predictive Maintenance

How does Vidya improve energy efficiency?

Vidya integrates IoT sensors, PI databases and multiple sources of OT data to the Industrial Reality Platform. This data is processed by Analytics, Artificial intelligence and alerts system with custom triggers to monitor and improve energy efficiency.

Our company is trusted by:
Vidya Modec
Vidya Petrobras
Vidya Ocyan
Vidya Vale
Vidya Saipem
Vidya Modec



2x Winner

at 2022 ATCE Energy Competition

Public Choice, Rising Star

Do you want to understand how this technology provides these benefits?

This technology provides improved asset integrity management and assertive decision making. Learn how to promote energy efficiency using digital twins filling out the form below:

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