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How Digital Twin can bring ROI in less than 1 year?

Industrial operations are complex and risky. To carry out the routine in a safe and efficient way, managers and operators must use the right information which is often spread in a multitude of softwares and spreadsheets. Through Vidya platform, it is possible to transform diffuse data into meaningful insights for a more safe and efficient operation.

Risk Mitigation

(ROI) Return on investment in less than a year

savings on budget for inspection and maintenance
reduced time for asset integrity management inspections
fewer POB (people on the field) for inspection
rework reduction

Digital Transformation deployment in 30 days

Vidya’s solution is leading asset integrity management to a new level. By contextualizing lost and diffuse data into real insights Vidya is assisting industries to deliver more agility, precision, and safety to their operations by combining the best of digital twin and powerful AI. Simulate, visualize, predict costs, manage risks and gain new opportunities.

How does the Platform work?

Digital Twin for Asset Integrity Management

Vidya digital twin platform is dedicated to Operation an Maintenance applications. It can be configured and applied transversally for many purposes in industrial operation, increasing safety and efficiency, while reducing risks.



2x Winner

at 2022 ATCE Energy Competition

Public Choice, Rising Star

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