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We are Vidya

Vidya Technology is an international company committed to support heavy-asset industries. We do this by joining an extensive engineering experience with both AI software and hardware solutions for Asset Integrity and Performance Management.

Finalist for 2023 MP Corrosion Innovation of the year award

MP corrosion 2023

2x Winner at 2022 ATCE Energy Competition

Our Mission

Our mission is to make industrial operations safer, more efficient, autonomous and sustainable. We believe that the pathway to achieve this mission lies on developing and implementing innovative AI-driven digital solutions. With a commitment to industrial excellence, Vidya wants to contribute for a future that ensures operational integrity while generates positive impacts to the societal well-being.

Vidya's Mission

Meet our founders

Otavio portrait
Otávio Carneiro Corrêa
CEO Mechanical Engineer

Master Engineering Degree. Corrosion and Asset Integrity Management Specialist. Business Strategy.

Jorge portrait
Jorge Luiz Seleme
CMO Civil Engineer

Market positioning, Sales process and Account Management. R&D fund raising and projects development.

Felipe portrait
Felipe Ribas Bordignon
COO Mechanical Engineer

Operation executive, project management, hardware development. 3D engineering management. R&D development.

André Luiz Seleme
CTO Computer Engineer

Computer Engineering Master Degree. Software, AI and Firmware engineering. Software development Strategy and Lifecycle Management.

Vidya team

People and Culture

We are a multidisciplinary team of engineering experts, masters and PHD’s experienced in software and hardware development.

More than that, we are hardworking, curious and passionate problem solvers. With different backgrounds, we are united by a profound commitment to Vidya’s mission in transforming industrial operations.

Our Journey

Founded in 2013 at COPPE/UFRJ’s business incubator in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Vidya began its journey by specializing in the developing of corrosion monitoring systems, including hardware as the IoT Data Logger, driven by dedicated R&D initiatives.

Over time, we broadened our portfolio to encompass AI and software solutions. Nowadays, Vidya’s footprint extend across international boundaries, collaborating with multiple clients in the pursuit of innovation.

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logo of petrobras
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Our R&D Experience

With over 10 years of R&D experience, Vidya has developed projects with the National Agency of Petroleum (ANP) and prestigious research institutions such as CENPES (Center of Research, Development and Innovation), Tecnova and Senai. By driving innovation in the industrial market, the R&D efforts lead to technological advancements and process optimization.

8 Projects completed

veotrial hardware

4 Hardware projects

  • Corrosion probe and Data Logger EX

  • Corrosion Atmospheric Sensor [ongoing]

vetorial AI icon

2 Artificial Intelligence projects

  • Artificial Intelligence for Operational Safety

  • Asset Service Portfolio Automation

vetorial settings and virtual tools

1 Co-development project

  • Corrosion Under Insulation Hardware with Ocyan [ongoing]

Our Scientific Contributions

Our company’s essence is encapsulated in the name ‘Vidya’, a nod to the Sanskrit word for knowledge. This choice stands as a testament to our core belief that meaningful innovation thrives on knowledge sharing. This principle is what drives us to the continuous advancement of technology.

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Vidya on the Media

Vidya at the Houston media
logo hartenergy

Assessing Assets and Charting Corrosion

Vidya Technology Digital Fabric Maintenance creates a safer and more efficient way to map out the life of an asset both onshore and offshore.

conceptual bussiness man with virtual interface selecting digital transformation
logo jpt

2022 Energy Competition Awards Three New Firms

The ATCE Startup Village is a partnership between SPE and the Rice University. Find out which firms took this year’s top honors during the annual competition.

FPSO being analyzed by AI mask with digital point around
logo oilfied technology

Vidya Technology implements Digital Fabric Maintenance solution for FPSO

Digital Fabric Maintenance project to perform virtual corrosion assessment of the FPSO and to develop corrosion inspection and maintenance plans.

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