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AI for mining: Asset Integrity Management has never been so reliable

Evaluate risks, costs, and maintenance plans with the support of heatmaps, and make the safest and most cost-efficient decisions

by synergizing human-AI collaboration.

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Our company is trusted by:

Our company is trusted by:

How Vale used AI to fulfill the structural integrity assessment in 30 days

Check out our Customer Case Study and discover how Vale fulfills the structural integrity assessment in 30 days using AI Computer Vision to analyze, identify, and classify corrosion and other anomalies in environments characterized by substantial dirtiness.

digital representation of a mineral stacker

Challenges we can help you solve:

  • Managing Diffused data in multiple sources, such as spreadsheets and documents;

  • Exposure to risky environments for a large number of professionals;

  • Difficult in Managing different procedures according to different maintenance requirements;
  • Unnoticed integrity anomalies leading to downtime;

  • Corrosion and Integrity assessment;

  • Maintenance planning and budget optimization.

What we built in collaboration with our customers:

86% fewer people on the field
42% downtime reduction

Applications for the Mining Industry

Highly customizable to your operational needs

Huge mining machine in the coal mine

predictive maintenance

alerts management

failure prediction »

structural anomalies

risk evaluation

integrity »

Digital Hull Tracking

hull integrity

anomalies mapping

structural degradation

risk evaluation »

What leading industries say about us

Vidya Technology is a reference for corrosion management. They have been providing a range of technical solutions, including management softwares and device development. Their expertise in corrosion solutions for the Oil and Gas industry is perfectly proved.

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Vidya is a senior company, they are capable of interacting and overcoming the challenges of working with prominent Oil and Gas companies, such as Ocyan.

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In a world of ever advancing technology, Vidya is an industry leader through investment in research and technology development. This allows Vidya the advantage of providing the latest Digital Transformation innovations and technology to its clients worldwide.

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