The future relies in Renewable Energy

More than 25% of world’s energy production comes from renewable sources, and this percentage is expected to grow even more. Aiming a smart future, renewables combine sustainability and high-end technologies for enhancing operations in a data-driven era.

How aligning digitalization and renewable energy can be the solution for industry growth

The maintenance of renewables, as in solar and wind farms can be difficult for the places where the equipments are installed, being susceptible to climate changes and with low energy efficiency.

The Industrial Reality Platform is the tool to combine sustainable goals with economic objectives.

Solar Panel Digital Twin Blue

Renewable Industrial Reality Platform

Renewables infographic
Mobile Renewables infographic

Contextualize data

Data without context is like a diagnosis without a patient.

To make sense of all the data available it is necessary to cross data from multiple sources, from field sensors to ERPs, establishing relations between them, and generating relevant outputs for the operation and maintenance phases.

Enable hybrid inspections

The majority of renewable farms are in places with difficult access.

Enable hybrid inspections and monitor the assets integrity through one or more data sources overlayed in the Twin Navigator. Through this feature, you can see the real asset side-by-side with the 3D model, offering a more intuitive software experience.



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