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Transforming Hull Historical Data into Engineering outputs

Optimize field scopes of work and feed engineering analysis in just 60 days with the Naval Digital Tracking application.

Our company is trusted by:

Our company is trusted by:

The Digital solution for Lifespan extension and strucutral analysis

We treat and contextualize data using Artificial Intelligence in a 3D environment to provide accurate data for class society to optimize inspection campaigns.

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Benefits overview of Naval Digital Tracking

Benefits overview of Naval Digital Tracking

The Naval Digital Tracking framework

The solution combines data treatment and contextualization of the hull integrity with a 3D environment and Artificial Intelligence using an unique approach with high end technologies. In that way, the application provides a digital and visual management of the integrity data with prediction and additional analysis to optimize the naval engineering and structural integrity team

Naval digital tracking framework on mobile
Naval digital tracking framework web

Digital Management of the Hull Inspection

Using the  hull historical data and inspection reports as input to the Naval Digital Tracking application, visual models can be developed to identify critical regions for integrity as well as generating data for other structural analysis systems

Digital representation of a FPSO

Discover Vidya’s

Marine Applications

Digital representation of a FPSO

Discover Vidya’s Marine Applications

Hull Integrity Outputs in 60 days

Contact us to learn how this solution fits your operation

Beyond a digital solution, we deliver hull integrity results ready for you. By scheduling a meeting, we will:

  • Acknowledge your prime concerns and the initiatives you are doing to trying to solve them.
  • Present our Naval Digital Tracking solution and the results we’ve achieved in other use cases.
  • Identify how we can help you improve your hull structural analysis.
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