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Full FPSO inspection in just 30 days

Internationally awarded solution

This solution was awarded by SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) in 22ATCE in Houston, and finalist for the 2023 MP Corrosion Innovation of the year award, by AMPP.

per year/campaign on FPSO

Savings in POB, rework, M/H planning for coating activities

Days spent onboard for field data acquisition 

Average POB days saved by FPSO

Number of corrosion anomalies detected

$965,000/per year
8 days
91 days/per year
254% more than the usual approach

Savings in POB (People on Board), rework, M/H planning for coating activities

$965,000/per year

Days spend onboard for field data acquisition

8 days

Average POB (People on Board) days saved by FPSO

91 days/per year

Number of corrosion anomalies detected

254% more than the usual approach

To achieve the results above, the solution combines an unique approach with high end technologies. This way it is spent only 6 days on the field to collect 360° photos and drone images. Those images are then processed by Machine Vision, and the corrosion assessment and processing is completed, generating accurate data, dashboards and integrity notes for precise maintenance planning.

Step by step of digital fabric maintenance

Corrosion assessment

in only 30 days?

Contact us to learn how this solution fits your operation

Beyond a digital solution, we deliver maintenance ready outputs for you. By scheduling a meeting, we will:

  • Acknowledge your prime concerns and the initiatives you are doing to trying to solve them.
  • Present our Digital Fabric Maintenance solution and the results we’ve achieved in corrosion processing.
  • Identify how we can help you improve corrosion management and monitoring.
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