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Vidya Industrial Artificial Intelligence

By merging extensive industrial experience and deep AI expertise, we enhance the Asset Performance Management strategies across different industries.

Representation of AI technology stack

AI Computer Vision
Autonomous identification of visual anomalies

AI Corrosion degradation Prediction
Prediction of the Corrosion Degradation State of the asset

AI Predictive Model
Prediction of equipments failure

AI Budget Forecaster
Simulation of budget based on manpower (People on Field), Corrosion Degradation State and Risk Models

AI for Maintenance Portfolio Prediction
Automates the classification of integrity service notes to minimize unexpected changes to work plans.

AI Computer Vision

Combining reality capture with computer vision and deep neural networks, this model is capable of autonomously identify visual anomalies in images, such as corrosion, pitting, and potential discontinuities. The output is to have all the critical anomalies mapped and classified, with components, areas, locations and prioritizations.

corroded structures on FPSOcorroded structures on FPSO
FPSO topside with equipment highlited in red within Vidya Software Platform
corrosion being classified by AI Computer Vision
corrosion anomalies in metal structures

AI Corrosion Degradation Prediction

Using the proprietary model of Corrosion Degradation State (CDS), Vidya predicts the corrosion degradation state of the asset in long-term, using lifecycle data such as inspection and maintenance to train the model for each element.

AI Corrosion Degradation Prediction
Vidya Sofware Platform 3d models with integrity dashboards

AI-driven Predictive Maintenance

This AI capability uses the available data from different systems, sensors and other sources, and process it through knowledge model, machine learning and other additional predictive models. Therefore, delivering it in a dashboard with alert triggering.

AI Budget Forecaster for Maintenance planning

This multi-objective optimization model simulates different budget scenarios by crossing available information such as budget, PoB (People on Board), Corrosion Degradation State, and Risk Models, to deliver the optimal resource allocation for maintenance activities. In other words, It offers you different scenarios on how the level of integrity will perform at different resource applications.

Vidya Sofware PLatform on a notebook showing dashboards and indicators
conceptual AI
conceptual AI

Integrity notes automation AI

This model automates the classification of thousands of integrity service notes, minimizing:

  • Maintenance planning man hour
  • Unexpected changes to work plans

AI Plugins

Vidya platform architecture also allows you to integrate other AI models or AI services you already have, delivering:

  • Enhanced functionality
  • Personalized experiences
  • Data-Driven Insights