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Your corrosion treatment can’t end in a report

Experience the accuracy and efficiency of Digital Fabric Maintenance. By leveraging reality capture and artificial intelligence, we provide a comprehensive corrosion assessment across your offshore oil and gas platform in under 30 days – all without the risks and costs associated with conventional methods. It’s faster, safer, and smarter corrosion management.

corroded structures on FPSOcorroded structures on FPSO
Corrosion anomalies being classified by AI Computer Vision
Topside area of a FPSO highlighting critical equipment with the colour red
Computer Vision Vidya technology 2023

Our company is trusted by:

Our company is trusted by:

How does the Digital Fabric Maintenance work?

Our Digital Fabric Maintenance application utilizes a unique combination of advanced technologies to streamline the inspection process. Reality capture is completed efficiently, requiring only 6 days on-site. These captured images are then processed by our Machine Vision model, generating a comprehensive corrosion assessment along with detailed integrity notes delivered to your CMMS. This process empowers informed and precise maintenance planning.

Reality Capture: Faster, Safer Inspections

  • Traditional inspections
    We understand the challenges of conventional offshore inspections – time-consuming, risky, and prone to PoB limitations.
  • Our solution
    Our application utilizes reality capture, a cutting-edge technique for capturing high-resolution images of your entire platform. This eliminates the need for lengthy onboard inspections, keeping your team safe and maximizing efficiency.

  • No area unseen
    We combine multiple image capture techniques to ensure comprehensive coverage, leaving no room for doubt.

AI Processing: Clearer View, Actionable Insights

  • AI-powered analysis, fast & accurate
    Our corrosion-trained computer vision model analyzes photos to identify and classify potential corrosion issues automatically. Enabling managers to save valuable time and resources by eliminating the need for extensive manual analysis.

Risk Model Analysis: Prioritize, Plan, Act

  • Intelligent prioritization
    Our solution doesn’t just identify anomalies; it prioritizes them based on risk level, size, and the most effective repair strategy.
  • Focus on what matters most
    This prioritization allows managers to focus their resources on the most critical issues first, ensuring the ongoing health and safety of the platform.

Make Better Maintenance decisions: Integrity reports ready at your CMMS

  • Actionable reports at your fingertips
    Gain instant access to comprehensive engineering reports with all the data you need for efficient decision-making on repairs and maintenance.
  • Integrate to your CMMS
    Connect Digital Fabric Maintenance directly to your CMMS (SAP, IBM Maximo…) for seamless work order execution. This integration ensures accurate and up-to-date information populates work orders, reducing confusion and delays. Additionally, it provides a centralized platform to manage the execution of your maintenance campaigns.

Systematic Risk Ranking: Heatmap Visualization

  • Focus on what matters most
    This prioritization allows managers to focus their resources on the most critical issues first, ensuring the ongoing health and safety of the platform.

  • Heatmap Visualization
    This data is then translated into a compelling heatmap. Hotter areas indicate a greater urgency for attention, providing a clear visual guide for prioritizing maintenance tasks.


Return on
investment in a

3-year campaign

Benefits overview

per year/campaign on FPSO

Days spent onboard for field data acquisition

8 days

Average POB reduction per FPSO


Reduction in rope access


Precise. Proven. Unmatched.

Proven Track Record. Unwavering Accuracy. A level of Fabric Maintenance only Vidya delivers

Savings on site exposure
Total Assessed Area
Corrosion affected area

Vidya Technology is a reference for corrosion management. They have been providing a range of technical solutions, including management softwares and device development. Their expertise in corrosion solutions for the Oil and Gas industry is perfectly proved.

logo of petrobras

Vidya is a senior company, they are capable of interacting and overcoming the challenges of working with prominent Oil and Gas companies, such as Ocyan.

Ocyan logo

The opportunities and potential offered by the Management System from Vidya stand out for presenting a market differential where management gains significant added value through the provided tools, which are seamlessly integrated with the planning process.

Modec Vidya logo

Internationally awarded solution

Trusted by researchers worldwide, this solution has been featured at +16 technical conferences

This solution was awarded by SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) in 22ATCE in Houston, and finalist for the 2023 MP Corrosion Innovation of the year award, by AMPP.

2x Winner at 2022 ATCE Energy Competition

Finalist for 2023 MP Corrosion Innovation of the year award

MP corrosion 2023

See Digital Fabric Maintenance in Action. Schedule a Demo and Experience the benefits

Contact us to learn how this solution fits your operation

Beyond a digital solution, we deliver maintenance-ready outputs for you. By scheduling a meeting, we will:

  • Understand your challenges: We’ll listen closely to your top concerns around fabric maintenance and the current methods you’re using.
  • Showcase our Digital Fabric Maintenance application: Discover how our technology streamlines corrosion assessment and processing, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Demonstrate real-world results: See firsthand the impact we’ve achieved for similar companies in reducing corrosion issues.
  • Craft a tailored plan: We’ll work together to identify how our solution can specifically improve your corrosion management and monitoring processes.
  • Propose a pilot: Lets target a specific area of your operation to address fabric maintenance challenges in a focused area. Experience the results and scale up for total transformation.
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