September 04th, 2023. Vidya Technology and Ocyan have completed 3 years of partnership since the Digital Fabric Integrity project in the FPSO Cidade de Itajaí. The AI-driven solution combines Digital Twin technology, reality capture, and AI Computer Vision to autonomously locate, map, and identify visual anomalies. With up to 90% AI accuracy and identifying 256% more anomalies than the usual approach, the project was able to transform data, images, and reports into safer and more efficient maintenance actions. 

Industrial operations face many challenges related to downtime, safety, and productivity. The critical point common to all of these challenges can be summarized in one word: Data. And one of the main difficulties that managers and operators face is precisely on how to generate value from this data. Therefore, Ocyan launched an open innovation program, seeking technological solutions in the midst of digital transformation.

The offshore operational context has thousands of square meters of painted area to control corrosion on the topside. Thousands of square meters of thermal insulation, and hundreds of temporary repairs. Furthermore, conventionally, the approach for managing this scope relies on inspections with a high number of People on Board (POB) exposed to risks for several days. Additionally, it relied on manual mapping, several systems, and spreadsheets, resulting in a complex environment of diffuse information. 

The Digital Fabric Integrity Application


Ocyan and Vidya Technology partnered to employ the Digital Fabric Integrity application for the Riser Balcony area of the FPSO Cidade de Itajaí. Even as a quick pilot project, expressive and scalable results were achieved by combining Artificial Intelligence, Computer vision, 3D models, data contextualization, and digital twins. 

The approach started with the Reality capture execution, in which field photos were captured with just 8 days on board. Those photos were synchronized to the 3D model on the Vidya System Platform and processed by AI Deep Neural networks to autonomously identify and classify visual anomalies, holding an accuracy higher than 90% and identifying more than 256% anomalies than conventional methods. As a result of the application it was possible to: 

    • Identify affected areas by corrosion [m²].
    • Drastically reduce the necessary of PoB for inspection.
    • Feed corrosion predictive models.
    • Integrate AI into the operation.
    • Transform images into maintenance actions.
    • Build a continuous flow of data between the FPSO and its virtual representation.
    • Promote operational awareness of the integrity process, for quick identification of critical problem.
    • And finally, Achieve a scalable ROI for the application.

The projects of this partnership between Vidya Technology and Ocyan, are examples that prove the importance of innovation and represent the path towards a more efficient and safer operation, based on contextualized data and AI put into practice.



About Ocyan 

Ocyan is an Oil and Gas lead company dedicated to sustainability, driven by profound expertise to provide excellence in the offshore oil and gas industry, both in Brazil and internationally. With 44 years of history, it’s a company committed to technological innovation as the pathway to a more safe and sustainable industrial future. 


About Vidya 

Vidya Technology is an international company committed to supporting heavy-asset industries. Its mission is to make industrial operations more efficient, safe, autonomous, and sustainable. Vidya does it by joining engineering experience with the development of AI-driven solutions for Asset Integrity and Performance Management.


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