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On Today’s Episode, we’re going to talk about Vidya’s participation in Rio Oil and Gas 2022 conference. To those who don’t know Rio Oil and Gas, it is the largest Oil and Gas event in Latin America. This edition is going to be the first hybrid edition and is expected to reach more than 40 thousand people during the 3 days of the event. More than 350 companies are expected to participate in this year’s edition. Among them, the main players in the oil and gas industry are going to be there. Companies such as Petrobras, Shell, Schlumberger Exxon, and others.

The purpose of Rio Oil and Gas is to expand networking opportunities and generate knowledge based on scientific innovations for industries.

Having this in mind, Vidya is going to be there. We’re honored to actively contribute to the development of Oil and Gas through smart technology that delivers value.

We were able to contribute to the event through the publication of 2 in-house-made articles. Our publications cover the development of Digital Twins to the monitoring and control of corrosive processes within FPSOs. Our work focuses on the atmospheric corrosion process and its protection in industrial plants such as oil and gas and petrochemicals, and the role of technology in managing information such as budget, productivity, centralization of information, and contextualization of data for the evaluation of decision-makers.

The second contribution focuses on solving the problem of corrosion using machine learning methods to provide insights into the application of deep neural networks in this particular domain. This work proposes an automated workflow where captured images on the field are processed and corrosion is detected automatically through the trained algorithm.

Besides scientific collaboration, Vidya will also attend the event in person. Prospecting networking, pitches, and meetings. We’re going to be based on the SEBRAE space, at Warehouse 6, Booth X11.

Our success cases are also going to be presented at the event. Ocyan a major player in Brazil will present the obtained results in the Assertive Asset Integrity Management of the Subsea Blowout Preventer project. You can check it on Warehouse3, booth B31.

Another project developed by Vidya is with the Giant Norwergian Equinor. The selected project is Efficiency and Safety in detecting anomalies through drone images. You can check it out on Warehouse 4, booth E1.

In the final day of Rio Oil and Gas, September 29th, Vidya’s CEO Otavio Correa will be presenting at the Subsea 7 office, the pitch “How a Brazilian company became a reference in Asset Performance Management”. This will be a guest-only event, but you can check our materials and other exclusive content at our booth.

For us, it is a great honor to be participating in Rio Oil and Gas 2022. The event takes place once in a year. If you want to learn more about it, were going to make the event’s website on the description. You can also access our website to learn more about our participation.

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