Vidya Technology is attending the Offshore Technology Conference 2024 in Houston, TX. You can find Vidya at the halls of this year’s OTC in Brazil Pavillion at booth 624. The conference will take place between May 6-9 at the NGR Park in Houston, Texas. Beyond that, the event will reunite global industry leaders to share ideas and innovations and discuss the offshore energy sector’s most pressing challenges.

OTC 2024 will connect 31,000+ offshore energy professionals from more than 100 countries to collaborate and discuss the latest developments needed to accelerate the global energy mix. Whether it’s oil and gas, solar, wind, hydrogen, and other marine resources, these conversations will be centered around the innovations that could help shift and drive the world’s energy mix.

At the conference, Vidya will present their deeptech solutions for the Integrity and Performance management of industrial assets through the Vidya Platform. Using different applications, the Platform transforms data, reality capture, images, and documents into real and scalable tools for monitoring, inspection, integrity, and maintenance of Oil, Gas, and Energy plants. By integrating data-driven insights with profound technical expertise, Vidya’s solutions provide a streamlined and holistic perspective on Asset Integrity and Performance for offshore operations.


Special Invite: Morning Presentations (May 7-8)


Beyond the chance to visit Vidya’s booth at any time of the event, we will have morning presentations regarding two different data-driven applications. On Tuesday, the presentation will contemplate the Digital Fabric Maintenance application, which combines Reality Capture with Artificial Intelligence to autonomously fulfill the assessment of corrosion and structural anomalies on offshore oil vessels. On Wednesday morning, our discussion will focus on the Naval Digital Tracking application, a solution that provides necessary outputs to support naval engineering and structural integrity teams on engineering analysis, lifespan, or class society evaluations.


Morning Presentations: May 7th DFM May 8th NDT


Digital Fabric Maintenance


The Digital Fabric Maintenance application autonomously identifies structural anomalies in assets. It integrates Artificial Intelligence, 3D environments, and Reality Capture to transform field images into valuable structural integrity outputs, including risk and prioritization matrix. Additionally, the system delivers traceable, auditable, and contextualized integrity data in a 3D environment with heatmaps. It also analyzes, marks, and identifies anomalies and corrosion while strictly adhering to the company’s inspection standards.


Naval Digital Tracking


The Naval Digital Tracking application contextualizes historical integrity data (such as thickness measurement points, temporary repair history, and measurements in critical areas) in a 3D environment. In this way, the solution enables the optimization and automation of integrity inspections and maintenance plans, supporting engineers in interacting with the Classification Society of the unit.

With a focus on optimizing Asset integrity through deeptech applications, Vidya is committed to supporting industrial operations with data-driven solutions. Join us at our booth and in our morning presentations where we delve into enhancing safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the offshore energy sector. We look forward to meeting you at OTC 2024!


Visit Vidya at Brazil Pavilion - Booth 624

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