Vidya Software is a software developed to meet the need of complex industries to ensure the greatest control over the integrity of their assets, through a digital system that makes use of Digital Twin.

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Through the Software, it is possible to easily select elements to be inspected. By clicking on the elements we can define parameterizable attributes according to the specific needs of your operation. The software allows these elements to be associated with pre-existing execution plans, automatically calculating the routing of the activity according to the specific scenario of the operation under analysis.


When defining the inspection plans, the software creates digital service orders that are sent to the operator in the field using a tablet, replacing the stacks of documents and making access to the information necessary to carry out the activity easier, faster and assertive.




As soon as the service order is generated and sent to the tablet, the operator can carry out the execution of his action plan through checklists that must be completed according to the pre-established execution plan.


In the field, the operator can also link information to the Vidya Software system through photos and documents that are synchronized with the software.



Thus, enabling the use and easy access to information inserted within technical drawings and other documentation that can be attributed to the maintenance and inspection steps within the operation.


After collecting this data and synchronizing with Vidya Software, the data is displayed on Kanban panels, and with the help of learning algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques, the insights needed for strategic decision making and maintenance plan design can be optimized.


Vidya software has integration with ERP and SaaS systems, allowing its easy implementation with existing systems within industrial operations.


In this way, the software can be synchronized to pre-existing data, facilitating the transition process in its implementation.




Disciplines such as asset integrity management have many conformities and standards that must be strongly followed. It is common for compliance within these standards to involve large amounts of documentation, and that eventually, consultation of this documentation to perform activities is necessary.


Here is another Vidya Software differential: the possibility of managing, locating, and easy access to these documents so that all stages of the activity are carried out in accordance with current regulations.

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Through the Software interface, we can easily link these documents to work orders, attributes, and hierarchies, making the process of designing action plans even faster and more assertive.


Every day the market becomes even more competitive and the use of smart technologies aligned with the knowledge and experience of the industries ends up becoming more and more fundamental for these industries to achieve the best cost efficiency within their operations, achieving the best results with safe, sustainable and optimized operation.


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