October 19th. Rio de Janeiro. Vidya Technology will attend the OTC Brazil 2023 presenting the technical paper “Process Safety Management in Oil and Gas Operating Units Through Digital Twin Platform: A Digital Approach for Safety Control and Process Intervention,”. The Offshore Technology Conference will take place between October 24 to 26 and promises to gather leading experts from all over the world to share their knowledge and experience regarding oil and gas technologies while incorporating discussions on the technologies and innovations needed to create a cleaner, more sustainable future.


Why OTC Brazil Serves as an Oil and Gas Innovation Driver

OTC Brazil stands as a pivotal event for the oil and gas sector, offering an unparalleled space for global experts to converge and disseminate the latest technological discoveries and market trends. Not only does it promote knowledge exchange, but it also provides an exceptional opportunity for companies to exhibit their products and services to potential clients and partners.

Brazil, a prominent player in oil and gas offshore exploration, is channeling substantial investments into pioneering technologies aimed at enhancing its operational efficiency. OTC Brazil, therefore, holds immense significance as it enables companies to gain profound insights into the most recent advancements in the industry. Additionally, OTCB serves as a hub for networking, allowing industry leaders to connect, collaborate, and envision the future of oil and gas together.

The event’s technical program spans an extensive array of topics, encompassing exploration and production, drilling and completion, subsea engineering, and environmental protection. This multifaceted program provides attendees with an invaluable opportunity to stay abreast of the latest developments in oil and gas technology and engage with experts in their respective fields.


Vidya’s Approach to Process Safety Management

This year, Vidya will be actively attending the conference. On October 25, from 14:25 to 14:50 (Local Time) in room B1, Vidya will present the “Process Safety Management in Oil and Gas Operating Units Through Digital Twin Platform: A Digital Approach for Safety Control and Process Intervention”. The article is the result of a Research and Development (R&D) project from the “Conexões para Inovação” public notice, conducted in collaboration with Petrobras. This initiative aimed at pioneering digital solutions to bolster safety management and intervention procedures within offshore units. Those units are known to have limitations of people onboard and a vast amount of diffused data with long PDF documentation regarding process intervention. Therefore, turning the search for key information and data management into a demanding activity.

Specifically, the paper delves into how the Process Safety application developed by Vidya can support the meticulous planning of shutdowns and turnarounds, and the management of critical equipment for Petrobras. This application has been successfully demonstrated in the field with Petrobras assets, showcasing the practical efficacy of our innovations.

As key results from the project Vidya was able to provide visual digital process intervention actions, including positive impacts on accident indexes, complete situational awareness, reduction on field exposure from operators, and reduction in required PoB (People on Board)

  • Positive Impacts on Accidents Indexes
  • Complete Situational Awareness
  • Reduction of field exposure from operators
  • 75% Reduction in information retrieval time
  • Reduction in required PoB (People on Board)

About Petrobras

Petrobras is a Brazilian multinational oil and gas corporation. It is the largest company in Brazil by revenue and the largest integrated energy company in Latin America. Petrobras is the largest oil producer in the Western Hemisphere and the 10th largest oil producer in the world.

Petrobras is a vertically integrated company, meaning that it is involved in all aspects of the oil and gas industry, from exploration and production to refining, transportation, and distribution. The company also has a significant renewable energy portfolio, including hydroelectric, wind, and solar power generation.

About Vidya

Vidya Technology is a global oil and gas technology provider committed to supporting heavy-asset industries. Its mission is to make industrial operations more efficient, safe, autonomous, and sustainable. Vidya accomplishes this by joining engineering experience with the development of AI-driven solutions for Asset Integrity and Performance Management.

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