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4 Integrated Systems in one

The Ocyan Use Case

Ocyan is an innovative Oil and Gas company, which provides solutions for all the upstream chains, aiming for a more sustainable industrial process. As a company aiming for the smartest process, once they realized that there was a way to improve their operations with cutting-edge technologies, they’ve set up a challenge: Digital Twin: BOP (Subsea Blowout Preventer) Challenge. This was when the history of Ocyan and Vidya started.

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Digital Twin representation

”Vidya is a senior company, they are capable of interacting and overcoming the challenges of working with prominent Oil and Gas companies, such as Ocyan”. 

Guilherme Bastos, Innovation Assistant - Ocyan

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Knowing the benefits of Digital Transformation, Ocyan decided to combine their experience with cutting-edge technologies. With Vidya, the company has real-time access to needed data, optimizing the operation and bringing the best cost-efficiency to the company.

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