The 4th edition of Future Oil and Gas went virtual in 2020, and started today! 

On this first day of the event, after the warm welcome from Cavendish Group and the Energy Industries Council, we saw a succession of great presentations. In general, digital solutions for the Oil and Gas sector were the most commented topic. 

The first Panel was about Data-Driven Operations, Applications & Benefits, in which it was discussed about improvements in efficiency and reliability through data. After that, the second panel was focused on digital solutions and how the Oil and Gas sector will be transformed by them. Which was followed by panels about machine learning, automation, energy transition, and change management. 

Digital solutions and cutting-edge technologies were among the most popular themes at the event. Between the improvements that these technologies can bring for the Oil and Gas industry, we can certainly list the system’s integration and sustainability. It was also evident that the centralization of data,  through the digitalisation, is crucial for a digital future in industries. By linking experts with all the data collected in just one place, it’s possible to make more reliable decisions faster. 

During Future Oil and Gas, it was also possible to engage with other companies booths through real-time chats, polls, and lives. Vidya made valuable connections on this first day of the event, and we are excited for tomorrow! 

Day 2: Vidya’s participation  

Tomorrow we will continue to participate in the event, and with news! 

At 10:45 GMT, our CEO Otavio Correa will be talking about “Predictive Maintenance tools to maximize efficiencies and reduce downtime”, and after that our booth will be live to chat about our digital solution. 

Join us! Our team of experts will be available during all the events to clear your doubts about our Digital Twin technology. See you all th‎ere! 

If you want to see how was our second day at the event, click here.

nace corrosion specialist +vidyaVidya presented in NACE European Corrosion Management!
offshore-landscape-sunsetThe final day of Future Oil and Gas!