Today was the final day of Future Oil and Gas 2020! It was a very insightful morning and afternoon, talking about challenges and solutions for the Oil and Gas industry in 2020. If you want to see how was our first day, click here. 

The industry is changing, and the new generations are leading the digital transformation through software, and innovative technologies. The operation workflow at the industrial plant remains the same, but it is moving forward focusing on the efficiency brought by digital solutions. The focus in this operation improvement reduces costs while guaranteeing the equipment reliability.  

Between the most commented themes of today, was data contextualization, digitalization, cloud connectivity, cybersecurity, digital twin, AI, Machine Learning, and automation. The panels talked a lot about innovations in operations, focusing on team management and asset integrity. Certainly, everyone who participated in the event had valuable insights into the industry’s future.  

Vidya at FOG

Vidya’s CEO Otavio Correa participated as a speaker at Panel 8, which was about Predictive Maintenance. Participating as speakers with Otavio was Subrata Bhownik, Senior Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist from McDermott International, Harald Wesenberg, IT Specialist and Software Innovation from Equinor, and John Glen, Co-Founder and CFO of Spartan Solutions. 

In the panel, it was discussed how digital solutions can improve predictive maintenance to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime. Machine Learning technology combined with predictive algorithms was one of the solutions presented, as well as Digital Twin. It was great to see how our multidisciplinary approach finds a place among some of the biggest companies of Oil and Gas industry. 

After that, Otavio Correa also hosted a live presentation at our booth talking more about Vidya software as a solution for asset integrity management. It was a valuable moment to make connections and show the advantages of a software powered by Digital Twin technology. 

Vidya Technology is honored to have participated in Future Oil and Gas 2020. Follow us in our social media to more exclusive contents, and industry news!  

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About the Author: Marina Stoiev
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