June 21, 2022

Are you a mining manager? So you’d better read this right now!

By Andre Andrade


Mining and Metals managers are facing a strong conflict within their operation: how can I increase my productivity?


The answer is complex, but two approaches can be used to tackle this dilemma. One possible approach, although very time-consuming and costly, is to expand mining sites. 

The other is all about driving the digital transformation through all organizational levels


The roadmap to a mining digital transformation 


A successful digital transformation strategy cannot be implemented if it lacks strong leadership. The culture change required for a transformation of such magnitude demands people’s support and massive embracement.

Miners in discussion in surface coal mine

Digital transformation is not just about implementing technology into processes and operations. It requires re-architecting work routines and implementing strategies at an enterprise level.


Digital transformation: the key to mining’s future success


Data capture on-site and synchronization across digital platforms allow faster decisions to be made and backed up by real-time data. 


The digitalization of such a complex process as mining and metals also requires platforms that integrates data, contextualizes that data, and can serve as a solid base for planning actions to boost productivity.

coal mine with a Bucket-wheel excavator

Although industries are well-aware of the importance of solid digitalization across their processes, many still rely on fuzzy data or manual routines for the execution of complex tasks, in addition to making the process imprecise and inaccurate this method ends up being very time and cost-consuming.


Mining advantages of digital transformation: operation


A mining operation is distinguished by a number of factors that make it potentially risky and complex. In this regard, a further goal is to ensure the integrity of mining plants so that downtime is mitigated and greater safety is assured.

Top view of a bucket wheel excavator mining coal in an open pit mine.

The benefits of using valuable data in a Mining and Metals operation are as follows:


  • reduced number of people on site
  • visual imaging inspections into hard-to-reach areas
  • integrity problems are easily detected
  • increased control over the structural integrity of assets
  • faster risk identification 


Although digital transformation is a widespread concept among mining operations, many companies still suffer from lagging or fuzzy data. Implementing an efficient digital transformation strategy in the mining context means providing integrated platforms with access to meaningful and easily accessible data so that risks can be reduced and productivity can be optimized.


However, just implementing state-of-the-art technologies is not enough. It requires a change in culture and routines, and that can only be achieved on a large scale with solid leadership that has the gains and advantages generated by digitization clear. 

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