November 6th, 2023. Vidya Technology has won 2 prizes at the Society of Petroleum ATCE Energy Competition and is indicated as a finalist at the Corrosion Innovation Award, from AMPP.

In the Oil, Gas, and Energy sector, innovation and technology are crucial for addressing industrial challenges, such as operational costs, integrity management, and process safety. In that way, conferences, events, and award ceremonies are vital in securing the industry’s long-term sustainability while emphasizing its global commitment to progress and innovation. When recognized as a finalist in these prestigious competitions, it not only highlights the team’s technical expertise but also underscores the transformative potential of their solutions.

During the last couple of years, Vidya Technology has attended and presented articles about Asset Integrity and Performance Management Artificial Intelligence solutions at multiple conferences. On two of these occasions, the solution presented was awarded and recognized as an innovative AI-driven innovation. Get to know more about them below:


2022 ATCE Energy Competition by ATCE: A Double Victory


The ATCE Energy Competition, hosted annually by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, is a prestigious platform for companies to showcase their innovations and breakthroughs in the oil and gas sector. Launched in 2017, the Energy Competition showcases emerging energy technology companies worldwide.

  • People’s Choice: Winner selected by the popular vote.
  • Rising Star: Winner selected by the panel of judges in the competition.

Therefore, the company was recognized by the North American Oil and Gas experts as an innovative Digital Transformation company, with a solution that resonates with the US market.


Materials and Performance in Corrosion Innovation Award 2023


In early 2023, Vidya Technology’s remarkable journey continued with their Digital Fabric Maintenance Solution being named a finalist at the Materials and Performance – Corrosion Innovation Award. This award, hosted by the AMPP (Association for Materials Protection and Performance) and formerly known as NACE, is a premier platform for companies to showcase their exceptional contributions in addressing corrosion-related challenges.

Among the AI-driven Asset Integrity and Performance Management solutions developed by the company, the Digital Fabric Maintenance (DFM) is its flagship application. Combining Artificial Intelligence capabilities, such as AI Computer Vision and reality capture, the DFM is able to autonomously classify and identify visual anomalies, such as pitting, potential discontinuities, and corrosion, in a 3D model.

Using a 3-step workflow, People on Board (PoB) is only required during the reality capture which is completed in just 6 days. Subsequently, the images are processed by the AI Computer Vision, enabling the delivery of maintenance plans and dashboards within 30 days. These plans cover components, affected area footage, areas to be painted, locations, and risk analysis, attaining an auditable and traceable coating process.

The practical implementation of this solution reduces the number of People on Board, optimizes the turnover of the inspection and maintenance cycles, and prevents potential failures in critical systems. Being a two-time winner at the Energy competition, as well as a finalist in the Corrosion Innovation Award, shows the innovative characteristics of this solution towards safer, more efficient, and more sustainable industrial operations.

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