A process industry is one that, from different raw materials, combines and transforms materials into new products. To carry out this process, thermal or chemical transformations usually occur, resulting in a final product that cannot be separated into its initial ingredients.

For the finished product to be of high quality, the production process must be meticulously controlled step by step. Because of all the complexity in these industries, it is common to implement technologies that help control the operation, such as Digital Twin for exemple.

In this article you will learn about the main problems that happen in the process industries and how the digital transformation powered by the Digital Twin can be the solution for your operations to become more efficient, sustainable and profitable.


Main challenges faced by process industries


A product may require several different material transformation processes to achieve its final result. Thus, if an inconsistency occurs in one of the steps, all the following will be influenced by this difference, which besides interfering in the quality of the final product, directly affecting the customer’s experience with the company.

As an example, it is possible that a small oscillation in the reaction temperature of a process affects the final result and generates a low quality product with concentrations different than expected.

These quality problems also lead to a lot of raw material waste. Since the products derived from a process industry cannot be separated into their starting materials, a deviation in the middle of the operation can lead to complete loss of materials.

Finally, one of the biggest challenges in this type of industry is related to the environmental damage that the operation can cause. Because of the use of chemicals, which in many cases are necessary during the fabrication, process industries need to be very careful with environmental contamination, besides the fact that in cases where fuels are burned as an energy source there is the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere.


Digital Twin as a solution for the process industry


Digital transformation has brought many technological solutions to the industrial environment with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the operation. According to a Harvard Business Review study, approximately USD$1.3 trillion was spent by companies in 2018 on digital transformation.

In this context, one of the technologies that stood out the most was Digital Twin. In short, this tool provides a virtual representation of the real environment, with constant exchange of information between them.

The main benefits of Digital Twin are that companies are able to monitor production in a much more effective way, collecting data generated in the operation and identifying the main risks and opportunities to optimize equipment, structures and processes, and consequently increase profitability.

In the case of process industries, it is possible to remotely monitor the operation in real time with the collection of sensor data, such as the temperature of equipment operation, perform predictive maintenance on equipment, in addition to being able to analyze valuable data such as the amount of gases released by equipment.

In other words, the use of Digital Twin provides decision makers with a solid database to understand which actions they should prioritize to optimize the results of the operation as a whole, ensuring a safe and more efficient production.




Digital transformation is already a reality in the process industries. Therefore, the use of technology to solve the challenges faced by the industry is more than necessary.

From acting on the efficiency of processes to monitoring environmental problems caused during operation, the application of Digital Twin in these industries has proven essential to highlight the results and increase the profitability of the company.

If you want to learn more about the opportunities generated in the process industry by the use of Digital Twin, click here and understand how to boost your results and become a reference in the sector with this technology!

About the Author: Andre Andrade
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