Internal corrosion monitoring solutions are necessary for anyone who works with asset integrity management. Responsible for a considerable portion of failures and also for maintenance costs in the process industries, corrosion is a degradation mechanism that requires attention from integrity and maintenance managers. The monitoring of corrosive processes is part of the routine of many industries, especially those of processes such as refineries, petrochemicals, FPSOs and other plants.

Plants like these usually process fluids with compositions that make them corrosive to process equipment and piping, monitoring process corrosivity is very important to generate data on internal corrosion, allowing you to plan control and prevention actions.



Understand why internal corrosion monitoring is essential for the proper operation of industrial plants. I have a content that talks about it,  click here to access!

The cost of component replacement and structural recovery is much higher than of corrosion prevention and control, because of this, it is very important in the operation of more critical processes to implement internal corrosion monitoring plans so that corrosion rates that lead to the loss of life of pipes and equipment are detected.

For this, specific hardware is used at strategic points in the processes, pipes and equipment, such as corrosion coupons, sensors, probes and internal corrosion monitoring dataloggers. In the case of coupons, which are specimens inserted in the corrosive medium at these strategic points, which undergo laboratory analysis after a certain period of exposure in order to calculate mass losses. In cases where there are corrosion probes by electrical resistance, the corrosion rate is measured by increasing the electrical resistance in the sensor element, making it possible to monitor corrosion online.

If you are not yet familiar with the need to use corrosion coupons and electrical resistance probes to monitor internal corrosion, I recommend that you read this text that will let you know the functionality of each one!

Here at Vidya we develop and produce technologies for industries that need to employ corrosion monitoring techniques and perform asset integrity management during their operations. Knowing the need to have accurate data, and even adapt to the standards that regulate the sectors, our team of specialists has developed a series of hardware for corrosion monitoring.

Our products make use of the latest technologies, so that your company’s needs are met with the best in the market and that only a team of specialists in corrosion processes could develop.

Let’s get to know what these products are?


Corrosion Coupons


Coupon 1 (1)


Our internal corrosion coupons are made in a series of dimensional standards and certified materials. In addition, Vidya supplies accessories such as spacers and supports for different temperature ranges. Coupons have certified quality, due to their manufacture only with certified materials and cold processes. In addition, all coupons are individually wrapped in envelopes impregnated with volatile corrosion inhibitor, all with serial numbers, with or without factory pre-weighing.


Eletrical Resistance Probes




Vidya ER probes are fully compatible with industry standard 1 ½ or 2 inch access connections for both mechanical and hydraulic stoves. Custom connection systems are also available.

Vidya ER sensors have high speed and high resolution, providing minimal variation in corrosion rates within hours, even for low corrosion rates.



IoT Data Logger


Coupon 1 cópia 2


With this device it is possible to have internal corrosion data being sent directly to a control center accessed by the Vidya Cloud platform, allowing analysis for decision making to be carried out as often as the process requires. Data Logger data can be accessed via Android App (Tablets and Smartphones), the device also has Anatel and Atex / EX certificates.

The Vidya Data Logger is equipped with a battery and memory, enabling automated measurement and storage of the corrosion rates of the probes. This is an ideal technology for the most diverse processes, such as industrial water, chemicals, oil and gas. In addition, the device also has wireless communication via BLE, allowing remote access to data.



Retractable Tool


Retractable tool


It is an accessory commonly used in industrial piping to insert corrosion coupons and probes, in processes where the pressure is up to 1500 PSI / 10.3 MPa and temperatures up to 500º F / 260º C.

Using the Retractable Tool, it is possible to insert and remove a coupon via a permanent isolation valve. That way, you won’t need to constantly depressurize or isolate the process, making it possible to monitor corrosion during normal operation.


Coupon Holder


Holder 1


Used to suspend corrosion coupons on the existing connection at the monitoring point, Vidya coupon holders are designed to meet the most common applications, with different connection configurations, threads, materials and lengths. If your process has specific requirements for this accessory, we can customize it.

These are the products that will guarantee an accurate and efficient corrosion monitoring within your industrial installation, ensuring the longevity of the assets’ useful life and reducing maintenance costs.

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