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Corrosion is one of the main problems within an industrial operation. According to NACE the costs related to corrosion are about 2.5 trillion dollars being 50% of this cost related to atmospheric corrosion.

As a standard method for delaying the corrosive process industries tend to invest in coating applications. Wich is a protective layer of paint over assets so it is isolated from the corrosive particles present in the environment.

This method beyond being costly and often not accurate demands a lot of workforce inside an operation, exposing operators to risky situations.

Since the digital transformation, many digital technologies were developed with the purpose of optimizing asset integrity management activities, between them the digital twin technology arises as a prominent tool for this kind of activity.

With the employment of digital twins maintenance and inspections, routines could be executed a lot faster and with higher degrees of accuracy. Outputs such as estimated budget, and priorities within a process could be delivered to decision-makers through a digital twin platform aimed at asset integrity management.

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