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In today’s episode we’re going to be talking about the Digital Twin technology.

The digital twin technology is known as a continuous flow of data between real assets and digital ones.

This technology can be considered as the closest thing to predicting the future in industrial plants.

Even though there are many concepts regarding the digital twin technology we can say that the link sharing real time information between the assets is the authentic digital twin.

Also this digital twin can be fed with different stacks of different technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning and analytics, enhancing even more its goal. The use of these stacks provide industries a tool that can be applied to different uses.

The digital twin can be, and has been broadly used in different sectors. From process plants to smart cities and even the health sector is taking advantage of numerous benefits digital technology provides.

The digital twin technology has been pointed by gartner as one of the most important technologies from digital transformation and now industries look forward to have this revolutionary technology on their process.

Thirteen percent of organizations implementing Internet of Things (IoT) projects already use digital twins, while 62% are either in the process of establishing digital twin use or plan to do so, according to a recent IoT implementation survey* by Gartner, Inc.

The results when compared with past surveys show that digital twins are slowly entering mainstream use, according to Benoit Lheureux, it is predicted that by 2022, over two-thirds of companies that have implemented IoT will have deployed at least one digital twin in production.

These data corroborate the importance of digital twins and show us how industries are turning its effort to its implementation.

If you want to go deeper in digital twin technologies please access the link in the description and learn more about the 03 levels of digital twin technology.

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