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Today, we will discuss the benefits of applying Digital Twin technology within mining sites’ operations.

The ability to digitalize aligned with greater advances in flexibility, integration, and efficient data processing has generated greater operational efficiency and control for many mining industries.

The productivity improvements are made possible by the adoption of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud computing, and Big Data. But among all these technologies, it is the Digital Twin that presents the greatest distinction.

The Digital Twin consists of a digital replica that has a continuous flow of data between real and virtual parts. If we could summarize all the benefits generated by the implementation of this technology in a single word, the word would be connectivity.

For the mining industry, there are currently a number of challenges that must be addressed if the industry is to maintain a healthy profitability position in the future.

The main one is to align a complex and often environmentally aggressive operation with ESG and decarbonization goals.

According to a report by Delloite published in 2021:

Digital twins allow mining companies to conduct exploration, troubleshooting, and planning without having an impact on the environment as a digital twin can be accessed, analyzed, and operated remotely/virtually.

Digital twins of drill and blast designs and digital modeling life-of-mine plans can make forecasting, allocation, monitoring, and management of resources and assets more accurate and efficient. However, creating digital twins and virtual models and work plans require new and unique skill sets including critical thinking, data visualization, and pro-active decision-making based on predictive analytics.

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