Hello welcome to Vidyacast the smart doses of industries innovation podcast.

Today, we’re going to talk about grid energy optimization through Digital Twins.

Renewable energy is becoming popular due to the emergence of changing energy sources from fossil fuels to renewable ones.

Since this need, many industries are now looking forward to the energy transition movement. They’re looking for energy coming from wind and solar farms. This kind of energy has the potential to achieve great efficiency and supply high demands over time with clean energy.

Hopefully, the cost of manufacturing this kind of energy system has been declining and this way attracted the attention of many industries around the world.

The problem faced now is how to design these farms in a way they could boost their energy efficiency capacity and storage and effectively supply demands not only for industries but for society in general. Since there are several assets producing energy on those farms it is difficult to manage their operation.

The application of Digital Twin in this area is very promising since with the support of this technology simulations and predictions could be executed without physical interference. This way wind and solar farms could test ways of maximizing energy efficiency, safety, and the lifecycle of assets without having to go to the field.

As the demand for clean energy is growing fast, the digital twin presents itself as a very good alternative to maximize profits and reliability in this kind of operation

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