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On today’s episode we’re going to talk about the role of industries in climate change.

The world is warming faster than ever, the impacts of climate change can be felt in pretty much anywhere around the globe. In last year those impacts became as clear as never. Floods, fires and melting are some of the phenomenons happening around the world and if nothing is done now, this may possibly get worse fast.

The plant to contain global warming describes in its scope the holding of temperature 1,5 degrees above pre industrial levels.

So that may be possible it is necessary to cut at least 30gigatonnes of greenhouse gases emission per year.

The task is difficult and demands imediate action.

Industries have a very important role in this huge challenge.

The path to a carbon free future depends on energy efficiency, renewables energy, and controled use of natural resources.

The 02 most emissioners sectors are the energy and agriculture ones. Hopefully those sectors can make a real difference. It is estimated that at least 12gigatonnes of gases could been eliminated through energy transition.

Another good news is that we already have the tecnoogy to do so.

Digital Transformation enabled many industries to do more with less, and now the technologies that revolutionized the world can be the ones that will help the industrial sector contain climate change. if you want to learn more about the road map to a succesful carbon free future, please access the link on our description.

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