The oil and gas industries still live with the process of implementing the ascending technologies of digital transformation within their processes. These are industries with a high degree of complexity inserted in markets that are under constant pressure about ensuring the safety of their operations and strict regulations on the preservation of the environment.

These are some of the main challenges that Oil and Gas industries have on their journey towards profitability and adding value within their production chains. For these obstacles to be overcome, techniques are needed to maximize the optimization of processes and operations, seeking to reduce costs in operations, making the process as profitable as possible.


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It is thinking about the need to optimize processes and operations that we present Vidya Software

vidya sfotware interface

Vidya software is the ideal tool for Oil and Gas industries, which are inserted in environments with aggressive atmospheres for assets. With the need for greater control over the integrity of these components, ensuring a continuous process and with the least possible failures.

The software, developed by engineers with experience in the field, makes use of the main technologies of Digital Transformation (IoT, Digital Twin, AI, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing) and has among its main objectives, the mission of providing relevant information in real time , in order to have a broad view of the entire operation, ensuring integrity, avoiding major failures and optimizing the remaining life of the assets.

All of this is possible thanks to the use of Digital Twin, which is incorporated by the software through a 3D digital model, fed with real-time data collected by the person in charge of inspection, through a tablet used in the field, and through IoT sensors installed on the industrial assets


vidya software dashboard


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Vidya Software can be operated in different modules, through which continuous management is possible, always looking for new optimization opportunities. Within the application interface, it is possible to draw inspection and maintenance plans, in addition to analyzes on the integrity of assets, detection of areas with greater wear and tear, and scenario simulations to obtain insights with the help of Machine Learning algorithms, guaranteeing the information necessary for the best use of the assets’ life cycle.



Through Vidya Software it is possible to automate and integrate all asset integrity management activities. Among the modules that our software serves, we can highlight:

  • Management of coating plans,
  • Electrical maintenance,
  • Structural integrity of the system,
  • Structural integrity of equipment,
  • Mechanical maintenance and extensive assembly management
  • Inspection of structures.

Then, selecting the type of analysis to be made, it is possible to forward the necessary information, such as work orders and other documentation, to the operators responsible for the inspection, who will make data inputs into the system.

After the first inputs, the software is able, through predictive algorithms from Machine Learning, to make outputs to draw an inspection or maintenance plan automatically.

Interoperability enables access and reading of crucial information for planning inspection and maintenance plans in just a few clicks using mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, which can be easily accessed by different team members. All documentation and work orders are now digitized and accessed through tablets, resulting in optimization of the travel time of the team in the field.

Vidya Software also makes use of dashboards that make it possible to access the database fed in real time, enabling the creation of customized management indicators, contributing to the making of strategic decisions by the managers.

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