The digital transformation has brought new possibilities for control, optimization and savings to industries. Through the rise of technologies like Digital Twin, IoT, AI and cloud computing, industrial processes became digital.

The digitalization of access, capture and storage of data, has enabled industries to obtain an overview based on data collected in real time. Allowing managers to make decisions more quickly and with a higher degree of assertiveness.


However, there is still some difficulty on the part of the industries in adapting to these new technologies and abandoning the traditional methods previously used.


With that in mind, we came to present you the Vidya Software

Vidya Software is a platform that makes use of technologies related to digital transformation and that has as one of its objectives the optimization of industrial processes generating  time and cost reduction to operations.

The software makes use of the Digital Twin technology in conjunction with a 3D model, which is fed by data collected through sensors installed in the assets and stored in a cloud, enabling fast and wide viewing based on real-time data of a system, equipment, and even an entire plant.

Captura de tela software vidya - refinaria DT

Through this 3D model, areas that demand more attention can be easily identified and accessed. IoT sensors feed the model with real-time data, providing the most accurate information so that decision making, maintenance plans, inspection, and operation continuity are optimized.

Vidya software mainly incorporates the interoperability of its data within its application. Through it it is possible to draw up maintenance and inspection plans and virtually share legal documentation and work orders with an entire team in just a few clicks.

Service Orders Tablet Vidya

The integration of activities with mobile systems, such as tablets and cell phones, which can be accessed anywhere by several team members,  is a fundamental feature for the optimization of the travel time of a team in the field, an activity that in industrial plants can take a lot of time and also have a certain degree of complexity.

With our system, the reduction time of people in the field can reach 66.3%. The reduction in personnel involved in Inspection tasks can be reduced to 80%, and the man-hour time required for tasks to be performed can drop by 59.8%.

Vidya Software is also the ideal option for industries looking to integrate different operations data into their process with field information, online layout of the most affected areas and integration with ERP systems.

Through Vidya Software you have access to several technologies that digital transformation has brought to industries. Data starts to become digitalized, unplanned interruption times are reduced to a minimum and there is an increase in the productivity of teams in the field. With it there is also the possibility of predicting possible failures, through Machine Learning algorithms, and more assertiveness and precision of collected data in assets.

It is also posible to parameterize different software operation modules, such as industrial coating management, mechanical maintenance, fabrication, structure integrity and eletrical maintenance. Everything can be accessed through a mobile device, by any member of the team, and anywhere.

If you want to better understand how Vidya Software operates and what are its advantages for the industries, click here I have a very detailed content for you who want to be part of the digital transformation!

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