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Digital Transformation in the O&M phase

As industrial processes become increasingly complex, more and more data are collected by technological devices. However, this gathered information is not always contextualized, making the process of asset integrity management even more difficult. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the rising investment in new technologies by the industry are constantly generating better results within their operations and processes. This is because it seeks to facilitate the industry's Operation and Maintenance (one of the most enduring phases of Project Lifecycle Management) with tools that keep up with the complexity of the operation and digitalize the industrial environment, making it increasingly data-driven. [...]

May 10th, 2022|Digital Transformation|

The many applications and benefits of Digital Twins in the different PLM phases

Regardless of the implemented project or the used management methodology, all projects can be separated into basic stages for a better understanding from their beginning to their end. This separation can be done through the PLM (Project Lifecycle Management), which serves to indicate each of these stages and facilitates the management of new or existing projects. PLM's functionality is also very valuable in industry, when analyzing, for example, the development of an industrial plant or the improvement of a process with new equipment. In this scenario, in search for greater efficiency in the operation, digital transformation allies itself to [...]

April 7th, 2022|Digital Twin|
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