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Data Contextualization – Make data do more!

Since Industry 4.0, companies have been implementing digital technologies to digitize their operations based on cyber-physical models.  Ten years after the beginning of the transformation generated by Industry 4.0, these companies are often struggling with the difficulty of generating value through the use of the data generated in their operations. We can say that we are no longer in an age of data, but in an age in which it is necessary to understand, organize, and qualify this data in order to effectively generate value.   In this article, we will address some of the main concepts of data [...]

Are you a mining manager? So you’d better read this right now!

Mining and Metals managers are facing a strong conflict within their operation: how can I increase my productivity?   The answer is complex, but two approaches can be used to tackle this dilemma. One possible approach, although very time-consuming and costly, is to expand mining sites.  The other is all about driving the digital transformation through all organizational levels   The roadmap to a mining digital transformation    A successful digital transformation strategy cannot be implemented if it lacks strong leadership. The culture change required for a transformation of such magnitude demands people's support and massive embracement. Digital transformation is [...]

June 21st, 2022|Digital Transformation, Mining|

Digital Transformation Business Value

Digital transformation has been a must for many companies in recent years. The digitalization provided by the movement has attracted the attention of many managers trying to encourage transformation within their organizations. Despite being indispensable, not all companies are aware of the real gain provided by digital transformation. In this post, we will clarify the main points of change generated by the movement. A good digital transformation strategy depends on solid leadership As the name suggests, digital transformation is not just about the adoption of technology in the midst of industrial and business processes, but rather a complete transformation of [...]

June 8th, 2022|Digital Transformation|

Digital Twin for Renewable Grid Optimization

The world is moving toward a renewable energy production model. This transition is part of a series of measures adopted in order to break energy dependence on polluting sources.    The concerns generated from the effects of global warming have made clean energy a source of supply option in many countries around the world. However, there is still a large gap in the operation and management of these sources on a large scale. In this blog, we will highlight the key challenges of energy transition and how Digital Twin technology can bridge this gap and enable large-scale production of [...]

How is maintenance performed in process plants

    Maintenance is a fundamental process for any industrial operation. It is very true that maintenance is not a type of investment that will result in more profits, however, investing in maintenance could be the same as not losing money.     In this blog, we will explain key concepts for understanding the real value of maintenance programs and routines in a heavy-asset industrial process.    Why is it necessary?   As mentioned before, effective maintenance programs could be the key to not losing unnecessary money.   Investing in maintenance is to ensure that processes, assets, and equipment [...]

The 5 essential steps to implement digital transformation in your industry

Deploying a new technology in an industrial environment can be quite challenging. The process from analysis to the actual implementation of the new tool can take months, and go through the approval of dozens of people. To deal with this bureaucratic journey and achieve effective results, it is necessary to understand which path should be followed in order to minimize problems that may arise and make the process more fluid. Besides that, in the case of large industries, the insertion of new technologies in worker’s daily basis may represent a change in the routine of hundreds of employees. In [...]

May 24th, 2022|Digital Transformation|

The role of leadership in industries’ Digital Transformation

The innovation process within industry can be quite bureaucratic. Especially when it comes to large companies, implementing a new technology in the day to day of the workers represents changing the daily routine of hundreds of people, and this requires assertive and precise planning by those responsible for this change. In a scenario empowered by Industry 4.0, the exchange of paper for digital is already proving to be more than necessary to optimize operations and processes. Moreover, in industries that already use digital as the main tool, the need to improve and optimize processes with new technologies has also [...]

May 17th, 2022|Digital Transformation|

Digital Transformation in the O&M phase

As industrial processes become increasingly complex, more and more data are collected by technological devices. However, this gathered information is not always contextualized, making the process of asset integrity management even more difficult. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the rising investment in new technologies by the industry are constantly generating better results within their operations and processes. This is because it seeks to facilitate the industry's Operation and Maintenance (one of the most enduring phases of Project Lifecycle Management) with tools that keep up with the complexity of the operation and digitalize the industrial environment, making it increasingly data [...]

May 10th, 2022|Digital Transformation|

How digital transformation can help in industry decarbonization

The C02 emission into the atmosphere, even with the constant efforts for a net zero future, remains quite problematic. In 2019, the three sectors that emitted the most gas worldwide were Electricity and heat producers, Transport, and Industry, reaching values of approximately 14068 Mt, 8222 Mt and 6254 Mt according to the International Energy Agency. In this scenario, seeking greater control of the operation within these sectors, digital transformation appears as essential to monitor the emission of gases into the atmosphere and increase the efficiency of processes, allowing a gradual decarbonization of the industry in general and a sustainable [...]

May 5th, 2022|Decarbonization, Digital Transformation|

Why ESG concepts are totally related to digital transformation in industry

ESG (Environmental - Social - Governance) concepts have been gaining much attention in recent years. In collaboration with major global goals, such as the Paris Agreement and the SDGs, they focus on sustainable growth, social responsibility, and transparent corporate governance. Tuning this scenario to the industry, we find several challenges that obstruct the commitment to these themes, such as the large emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and even the risks to operators in the workplace. To reduce risky activities and meet ESG decarbonization goals, industrial digitalization options have emerged. This technological strategy has mitigated problems and promoted [...]

May 3rd, 2022|Digital Transformation|
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