The Year 2020 has been challenging and very different from the previous ones due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The advance of the disease around the world has caused a strong disruption with the old business models, forcing the industries to adapt to a new scenario.


One of the most important points that the pandemic opened up is the need for industries to adapt and implement Digital Transformation technologies in their processes.

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In the first months of 2020, the oil and gas industries suffered crises resulting from the drop in gasoline consumption. Budget cuts, and even reduced production, were needed to counter the sharp drop in oil barrel prices.


Times like these oblige many companies to seek new opportunities for optimization in their operations so that they can overcome the strong impacts of the crisis in the sector.


We can say, then, that the pandemic period has been fundamental for the implementation of digital transformation in industries. With the progress of the disease and the need for long periods of social distance, maintaining the functioning of industrial plants was a challenge that resulted in schedule changes and, above all, the purchase of PPE’s.





Digital transformation is known as the period when many technologies gained space in the midst of industrial processes and operations. Digital Twin, IoT, and especially Artificial Intelligence, were some of the technologies that had the greatest impact within the operations and through them, the industries obtained new possibilities for automation and digitalization in their operations.


The fundamental point in 2020 in relation to the possibilities provided by the digital transformation is that the impacts of the crisis forced many of the industries, which historically, were more resistant to this disruption with traditional operating models, to seek in the digital transformation a way to remain active and overcome the various challenges imposed by the pandemic.


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Those who think that the changes caused by the pandemic are limited only to the scope of social life are mistaken. The effects caused by COVID-19 transcend barriers and force the market, operations, and processes to follow a new line of execution, based on the digitization of its processes and operations.


And amid the need for digitization, it is the techniques of artificial intelligence and the development of algorithms, both for optimization and prediction, that make changes so relevant.


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Using artificial intelligence techniques, in line with other technologies, such as Digital Twin, Big Data, and IIoT (industrial IoT), for example, industries have the possibility of extracting and processing a lot of data related to their operations


Technological mechanisms allow information to be extracted from operations in an automated way, valuing, and thus optimizing, the workforce of the teams that need less time in the field. Also, with the help of technology, the operation now has the possibility of remote control, requiring even fewer employees in the field.


The use of these data can be attributed to the most different disciplines in the industry, and together, with specialized software and services, they enable those responsible to have in hand the necessary information for strategic decision making.




Certainly, the industries that use cutting-edge technology in their processes managed, in 2020, to overcome crises, and through the help of these technologies, find possibilities for optimization that were reversed in budget and performance savings, also helping prediction of difficult-to-control variables.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been a game-changer for many markets, and as we can see, the industrial sector is part of a vast sector that has been strongly impacted by the changes of the period. This highlights the need for these industries to adapt to the new moment and, above all, to reinvent themselves so that their businesses are maintained, generating profit with greater profitability.


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The use of cutting-edge technology should be one of the priorities of the industries in the coming years, and the digital transformation has proved to be a strong ally in overcoming the obstacles generated by the conditions of the year 2020, and which will certainly continue to happen in the coming years.


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