We are participating in a pilot project with Vale to develop a Digital Twin, and we had our firsts days on the field! During last year, we had participated in the Mining Hub selection. A project that searches for innovative solutions for members of the mining chain. One of the programs sponsored by Mining Hub is the M-Spot, in which Vidya Technology has been approved.  

Among the many challenges proposed by the project, our focus was on resolving number 13: Management and Control of Anticorrosive Protection in Ore Handling Assets. 

The goal for this challenge was to control and prevent corrosion of metallic structures of the industrial plant through anti-corrosive coating. It was important that the tool also follow the inspection and maintenance history, the application condition, and the preparation required for the anticorrosive coating. 

In that way, Vidya solved this challenge with Vidya Software, our solution powered by Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence technologies. 

In the project, we have already successfully developed the asset’s Digital Twin, based on 3d model and engineering documents. Right now we are in the field scanning stage. Therefore, we are using photogrammetry and orthophotos by 3D laser scanning techniques of the asset to feed the Digital Twin with even more information. Besides, we are also performing a visual inspection of the asset in the field. And using our mobile app to collect corrosion data, based on corrosion and weathering assessment workflow. 


Next steps with Vale


In the next steps, we will be performing the maintenance set up on the system, using predictive algorithms to monitor corrosion, CDS (Corrosion Degradation State). We will be also parameterizing risk matrix information, and information regarding risk levels. It will also be parameterized on the Digital Twin costs and maintenance execution plans. 

Therefore, with all the information and stages united and complete, it is possible to offer a complete operational awareness of the whole industrial plant. Solving the M-Spot challenge, and offering an optimization of the asset integrity inspection and maintenance! 

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