Since antiquity, mining activity has been present in civilizations, and since then it has played a very important role in the supply of mineral material for the development of tools, technologies, and inputs.

The importance of this industrial sector is unquestionable. However, the sector faces several difficulties on its way so that its operation remains profitable, safe, and with the minimum possible environmental impacts.

As it is a very complex operation and involves heavy machinery in its operations, it is not uncommon to find examples of accidents or failures that compromise the integrity of operators and the continuity of the operation.


Coal mine


In addition, the sector faces several restrictions and legal protocols that seek to minimize the environmental impacts generated as much as possible.

There are many obstacles in the way of this sector, from the search for exploitable mineral resources to ensuring the safety of its operation and operators, in addition to alignment with the guidelines that seek to reduce the environmental impact generated by the sector.

Despite all these obstacles, the mining industry can overcome them through digital transformation and technologies that involve this important disruptive moment in the industries. The search for digitalization is essential for this sector that needs solutions capable of revolutionizing its operation




The digital transformation has been one of the great allies of the most diverse industrial sectors. It was through the technologies coming from this period that the industries have in their hands the necessary tools to generate more value to their productive chain through the use of data, centralization of information, and greater security.

The main responsible for this industrial revolution are the techniques of Artificial Intelligence, capable of extracting and processing data generating valuable technical knowledge for decision making. The IoT sensors present in our daily lives in the most diverse devices, which now also invade industrial facilities, are largely responsible for extracting information and M2M (Machine to Machine) communication in real-time.


Mining Crew on Site


And finally, the technology that is perhaps the most fundamental and greatest generator of value for operations: the Digital Twin.

The digital twin consists of a digital twin of assets, operations, or even an entire industrial facility, which receives a continuous and constant flow of data that can be centralized directly on a digital platform. The digital twin has the potential to be a revolutionary technology for the mining industry.

The way in which many industries are taking the opportunity to integrate these new technologies into their processes is through specialized service providers.

For the mining sector, projects with companies that provide these technologies could be the path to digital transformation. They are software and tools that make use of these technologies that can provide managers and directors with valuable information for decision making.

These tools also allow us to have total control over the various stages of the operation, helping to identify anomalies, loss of production capacity, and even structural failures that can trigger accidents.

It is with the use of these tools that the mining industry can optimize, generating more and more value to its operation. It is with the goal of digital transformation that these industries can reinvent themselves and overcome the recurring adversities of their operation.

Through control over information, task automation and better management of teams in the field, this industry can generate continuity in its operation by reducing failures, accidents, and environmental impacts.

Certainly, the journey to the new digital age is not something that can be carried out overnight, but rather, it is a long process in which the awareness that it is necessary to be aware that with the use of cutting-edge technological tools existing on the market, it is possible to generate even better results and overcome obstacles.

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