Vidya Technology has always been a reference company in the development of innovative solutions for the industry. As a result, this year we were classified as the 5th New Trends company in the Ranking 100 Open Startups! Since the 100 Open Startups was created in 2016, it’s the second time we appeared at the Ranking. 

About the rank 

100 Open Startups is a leader platform in open innovation, and it’s focused on the networking of innovation opportunities between companies, startups, the scientific community, and investors. They’re also responsible for the Open Innovation Week – Oiweek, events platform reference in the sector (created in 2008). 

The business model is based on serving large companies and investors who seek startups curation and on supporting innovation companies who seek clients and investment. The team has the leadership of Bruno Rondani, Rafael Levy, and Carla Colonna, which together contribute to the formation of the open innovation community in Brazil since 2008, when the first edition of Oiweek took place. 

The platform also has 13 thousand startups, 130 universities, 3 thousand companies, and 3 thousand angel investors, with more than 17 thousand registered businesses among participants, totaling R$ 1 billion in open innovation transactions since its creation.

Vidya’s history with the ranking 

Last year we reached the Top 5 Industry ranking, and that achievement brought us valuable connections with other companies. We invested a lot in our technology from that step on,, which is always receiving innovative updates.

Achieving the 5th placement in the New Trends ranking shows us that we are on the right path. Moving towards a more sustainable, reliable, and smart future. Our CEO Otávio Corrêa made a statement about our placement in the ranking: 

“Our position in the rank is the result of our hard work. Although the atypical year of 2020, our software, hardware, operations, commercial, and marketing teams, were very dedicated. Thank you all for your commitment!”

Vidya is leading the digital transformation worldwide. Join us in this bright future! 

About the Author: Marina Stoiev
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