Vidya Technology, a company specialized in digitalization software and optimization in asset integrity management, graduated in the Acceleration Program of FIEP System. And has received investment from Primatec’s investment fund, one of the largest venture capital funds in Brazil.

“Vidya Technology process of acceleration, started in 2018, had an initial diagnosis of the need to open new markets. The main objective of the Fiep System Accelerator is to validate solutions in the industries of Paraná. As well as to contribute to the generation of new jobs and fundraising. Through the support received by mentoring in Fundraising for Fiep System’s own Innovation Projects, the startup won an investment fund. Proving the success of its development within the accelerator.” tells Priscila Tie Assahida, PDI consultant of FIEP System Accelerator.

Gabriel Espíndola, a marketing consultant at Vidya, tells us more about the company:

“Vidya is a company committed to leading the new digital era to complex industrial plants, as the Oil and Gas, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Petrochemical, Steel, among others, based on innovative technologies as Digital Twin and Artificial Intelligence.”

The acceleration by FIEP System came to structure the company operation, channels, marketing, and product development to draw the project. According to Gabriel: “FIEP System had a crucial role in fundraising, and it was through the institution that we opened negotiations.”

Vidya’s Future

It was with FIEP System support that approached Vidya and Primatec.  FIEP System Accelerator carried out, and continues to support, the entire investment fundraising process.

“Vidya went through the entire investment, valuation, and accounting analysis process with the support of the consulting team, which participated in all pitches, committee meetings, giving all the support to make this investment. The work was validated and approved at the end of 2019, and in 2020 Vidya graduated from the program.” says Priscila.

Besides the graduation, 2020 was an excellent year for the company. Vidya was approved in the innovation public notices of Petrobras, Vale, Ocyan, and the FINEP for 4.0 technologies.

“In the future, we will expand our scope of asset integrity, and now we are looking for other sectors, such as operational safety. We will further improve our presence in the Oil and Gas market, and be one of the main transforming agents of the new digital age when it comes to the subject of asset integrity management. Also, we will start our international expansion” celebrates Gabriel.

Vidya Technology team is very proud of the results we manage to achieve this year!

If you want to read the content published at Jornal da Fronteira, you can click here. Note: the link is in Portuguese (PT/BR).

Source and images: FIEP 

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