The Integrity Management Systems Symposium (IMSS) is taking place between August 2nd and 4th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Vidya will be there!

The main objective of IMSS is to foster discussions in the oil and gas industry regarding the “New SGSO”, which stands for Operational Safety Management in Portuguese, it is Brazil’s first operational safety regulation, which is composed of 17 different performance-oriented and risk management practices for improving facilities and operations in the oil and gas industry. The discussions will contemplate the Management Systems belonging to this new regulatory framework (a package of laws that aims to provide guidance and governance for specific activities). opening space for regulators and regulated agents to dialogue in a collaborative space.

The organizer of the event, SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers), is the world’s largest association of professionals working in Exploration & Production in the oil and gas industry.

Otavio Correa, CEO of Vidya Technology will be attending as a speaker in Session 12 focused on Software and Solutions Applied to Asset Integrity Management. He has been working 10 years as a corrosion and asset integrity specialist for the Operation and Maintenance phase of industrial plants in the Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, Petrochemical, and other sectors. In his presentation, he’ll be discussing Artificial Intelligence for Integrity Management and Fabric Maintenance, bringing experiences related to challenges and outcomes of AI applied to Asset Performance Management, and highlighting the numerous gains of establishing a digitally integrated system.

About the event

Encouraging discussions on how this new regulatory structure affects the activities of sector’s agents, the event focuses on adjustments and concerns of the industry in this new moment. It will take place between August 2 -4 at the Windsor Florida Hotel, on Rio de Janeiro, and aims to address the expectations and experiences of industry players.

It will be divided into 12 sessions that will bring conversations covering topics from human factors in Asset Integrity Management, and management methods to the main perspectives arising from the new regulation.

The event also guaranteed a Neutral Event Seal, for the quantification and neutralization of carbon emissions generated.

Who will be there?

Big names in the oil and gas industry such as Ocyan, Equinor, Petrobras, PetroReconcavo, Norwegian Energy Partners, 3R, Modec, PRIO, Shell, Enauta, and Origem Energia will be there, among others. The discussions, which will address important fronts of the sector, are of interest to any professional working in the area.

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