Tools for online team management have been increasingly searching. And its practicality it’s even more evident during the period of social distance due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite team mangement tools being very in administrative and financial works, to follow goals and establish new activities. Team management isn’t 100% adapted to the industry, especially for inspection and maintenance tasks. In which the teams are usually managed through spreadsheets.

Industry 4.0: The Team Management revolution

These online team management tools are part of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Which presents the proposal of industrial process digitalization to make the industrial process more efficient, flexible, and sustainable.

Together with the necessity of remote work worldwide. Due to the pandemic and the lockdown, a lot of companies and industrial sectors had to change the way that performed their activities. Consequently searching for innovative solutions. In this process, managers that already adopted software and digital solutions for the team management, are one step forward. This is what a recent article made by America’s Back Office, an American Human Resources company, highlights about the period:

“Managers who are already savvy to the rise of remote working in 4IR are at an advantage in this crisis. But everyone stands to benefit from it in the long-term if they seize the opportunity for change that it presents”.

With the virtualization and decentralization of activities, both pillars of Industry 4.0, companies focused on innovative solutions had a major role. As a result, companies that have been engaged in software development for years. For those to make part of the principles laid down by this revolution.

Vidya Technology and its innovative solution!

In that way, Vidya Technology develops and works with its own innovative solutions. One example is the Vidya Software, an instrument developed to integrate all the PLM (Project Lifecycle Management) phases, to the technical engineering drawings to the Operation and Maintenance phase (O&M)

Between the multiple skills that the software have, is the remote team management for inspection and maintenance activities. With a format made for the industries, it’s possible to manage teams from Work Orders (WO) generated from the execution plans. With the WO, it’s possible to choose which one will be the inspection or maintenance route, starting from assets attributes, as Corrosion Degradation State (CDS) levels, or from the assets proximity.

In this way, you can put on your schedule:

  • Which assets needs inspection;
  • What is the chosen inspection route;
  • When is the initial date of the asset inspection or maintenance;
  • Manage which team, or teams, will be responsible for the inspection/maintenance;

What results can you expect?

This online team and task management offers you 100% control over the team’s productivity, execution plans, and asset integrity status. And all in real-time.

The adoption of digital technologies for the team and task management, as so for the automation and data analysis. Is one of the main strategic recommendations for those who work in the industry. Vidya Software can reduce over 60% of people in the field for inspection activities. And reduce up to 30% of people in the field for maintenance activities.

The remote team management has become a necessity in 2020. But there are good profits that we can take from it. Certainly, using digital technologies you can integrate processes and cycles. Increasing team productivity and reducing costs in inspection and maintenance activities.

If you’re interested in knowing more about how does our tool operates, you can do the download of our presentation clicking here.

Thank you for reading until the end!

About the Author: Otávio Corrêa
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