Asset integrity management is an activity needed for anyone who works with complex plants. But, with piles of paperwork, documents, technical drawings, and Excel spreadsheets. Having full control under the assets can be a masterful job.

These are some reasons along with real-time data and Artificial Intelligence. As a result, a lot of industrial plant managers and asset integrity engineers, look for solutions through digital transformation. In conclusion, this global tendency points out to technological solutions to connect and integrate complex plant information into a digital platform.

Consequently, Vidya Software is part of these industrial recommendations. Through Digital Twin technology, we’re able to create a 3D model of your industrial plant. And as so, parametrize this model with data.

To clarify, the data shared with the system flow from the physical plant to the digital model. This happens through inputs made in real-time with a field tablet or IoT sensors. And over the digital model to the physical through outputs generated for Predictive Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. In conclusion, this constant and continuous flow of data is what makes the Digital Twin from Vidya a real Digital Twin. 


Vidya Software allows the centralization of documents and the personalization of components attributes. In other words, any sort of information that you want to link to any element of the plant can be added. For instance, some examples of this information are:

  • Dimensions
  • Modules
  • Positions
  • Types of Structure
  • Materials
  • Coating colors
  • TAGs

These pieces of information are linked to execution plans also personalized, elaborated based on every phase and diverse activities of your operation, for the inspection or maintenance. The execution plans are joined with Material Consumption Schemes, registered on the system. As a result, the budget automation and all the Work Order management in a single platform.

Work Orders

For every component selected is possible to generate a Work Order and add documents and specific spreadsheets to the maintenance of this asset. Therefore, this W.O remote management, you can reduce the time of all your asset integrity team.

It’s possible to choose which component needs inspection or maintenance, by checking on the properties and adding an execution plan. Or you can select multiple elements based on filters, as CDS (Corrosion Degradation State) level up to 0, and select all the components with this characteristic.

Starting from this selection, you can choose the route that the team, or the teams, will do. The course can be defined from a known inspection route chosen manually, or recommended by the software. Or still, you can define a parameter for the course, as inspection from which component has the highest CDS, from the temperature of elements of by distance.

A schedule can be defined with the route chosen, the teams, the execution plan, and the initial data. Which you’ll have access to all the activities developed. In this schedule, you’ll be able to allocate teams, change the inspection order, and arrange the Work Order in the most practical way for you.

Work Order and the Field Tablet

Sent the Work Order, the Vidya Software also counts with a following W.O tool. You can follow the execution through the activities time, status, or from the execution plan. Therefore, the emitted W.O goes directly into the field tablet, which has the automatic synchronization – all the information in the tablet can be accessed from the software, where you can see reports about the maintenance execution. In the tablet, the operator can access customizable checklists made in the software according to the execution plan, and make photograph registers in the field, to insert in the software the real status of every component.

Back in the Desktop application you can, directly on the 3D model, see the timeline of every component (execution plans selected for them, initial data of inspection, and asset status). Consequently, all these results will be available in the software through customizable dashboards, and this takes us to the next topic: budget outline.

Predictive Maintenance and Automatic Budget Outline

With the information from the field paired with the component’s attributes, the predictive algorithm can outline which of the components need inspection or maintenance. And consequently, when other elements made with the same material will.

To generate an automatic budget according to the schedule, the system needs to know 4 main things:

  • The elements selected
  • What are the plans of execution for every component
  • Who is the responsible team
  • When is the initial date for the activities execution.

For example, the execution plan will have, contained in it, how many people are needed, how many man-hours will be counted, which items will be used, etc.

After that, this inventory produced with all the information needed about the element (structure, color, total area, temperature, asset access). Therefore, it automatically generate the budget required for the asset inspection and maintenance.

In conclusion, you can have 100% control over the industrial plant and reduce, up to 25% the budget for the asset integrity in 10 years campaigns.

SAP Integration

One of our main characteristics is that the Vidya platform is ready for the integration with other systems. Our database is based on the REST API. Therefore, it facilitates the creation of integrated systems that consume information in other systems as:

  • Management Systems;
  • ERP Systems;
  • Maintenance Management;
  • Engineering Documentation Management;

Which results can you expect adopting Vidya Software?

  • 50% increase in execution and maintenance productivity teams;
  • 100% control over the industrial plant and the teams;
  • 60% reduction of men-hour in inspection activities;
  • 30% reduction of people in the field for maintenance activities;
  • 10% reduction in anti-corrosive coating tasks;

Be part of the industries that adopted smart software! You can check out these results and more in our general presentation. Click here and have full access to this information!

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