The need to implement new strategies that optimize team time, performance, and value over the production chain, reducing operating costs, and maximizing profitability, is one of several challenges for many industries.

With the popularization of digital transformation technologies in the industrial environment, companies were able to access the necessary tools to overcome these challenges. And leverage their production chain through the digitization of information, process automation, and data sharing.

oil industry plant

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The need to have a more efficient production chain, in accordance with all legal regulations and above all with a minimum of failures, ensuring the safety of operators and the integrity of industrial assets, has led many industries to hire specialized services that meet specific needs. of the operations.



Vidya Software is the ideal tool for industries looking to optimize asset integrity management, ensuring maximum asset lifecycle duration, reducing team time in the field for inspection and maintenance, and assertive and automatic budget predictions, referring to maintenance plans.

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The software makes use of Digital Twin through a 3D model where virtual replicas of equipment, operations, and even entire industrial plants are arranged. From the 3D model, it is possible to gain quick insights into the real state of each asset.


When selecting the element to be inspected, the software allows the use of attributes in the form of checklists, allowing the user to create customizable conditionals for the execution of inspection and maintenance plans. The attributes can also be fed with information about cost, technical specifications of material, and yield, thus allowing predictions about budgets to be made.


vidya software dashboard


With the attributes and attribute schemes defined, a maintenance or inspection plan is drawn up with the work order management functionality, which is based on agile methodologies, and optimized by automation functions. Service orders are sent to a tablet where the operator responsible for the activity will gain access to service orders, have checklists for carrying out activities and other tools for data input, such as capturing photos and markings in the 3D model.

As an example, in activities related to corrosion, the application is able to perform predictive calculations, through Machine Learning algorithms, thus being able to locate areas where there is greater wear, need for painting, and loss of productive capacity. Machine Learning algorithms can be customized to deliver predictive data, not only on corrosion-related data, but also on any other metrics that are needed, according to the specific needs of the operation.

In complex plants such as Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals and Mining plants, there is a great difficulty and need to guarantee the integrity of the assets and smooth operation of the operation. They are very extensive industrial installations, inserted in environments exposed to high levels of pressure and corrosion, with thousands of assets that need monitoring, in order to guarantee the continuity of the manufacturing line.

vidya operator on offshore platform


With the use of vidya software and all the aforementioned functionalities, efficient asset integrity management for these complex plants becomes a reality. Thus achieving significant results in cost reductions, operating time and various optimizations.

To have an idea, in maintenance plans related to corrosion and coating management, the number of people in the field is reduced by 66.3%. The total number of people involved in the activity is reduced by 80%, and the number of man-hours is reduced by 59.8%.

With the painting management module, the reduction of 10% in the budget needed for the execution of painting tasks is also calculated, and a 100% gain in the management and control of teams, abandoning traditional methods with stacks of documents and spreadsheets.

Through Vidya Software your industry can optimize inspection and maintenance activities with full control on a single platform, reducing the costs and time required for asset health management, and automating traditional management methods related to maintenance and inspection.

Don’t waste any more time, revolutionize asset management with Vidya Software and get better results.

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