Following the popularity of Industry 4.0, Digital Twin Technology search rates had increased. And the reason is outward: the digital process has become usual. A lot of companies nowadays take advantage of this expansion and make their processes faster and cheaper. Seeing technology as our ally can reduce costs and optimize the whole operation.

Many Industrial plants are extensive and expensive. When we’re capable to automate inspection and integrity management processes. We’re able to reduce the time and costs of whole operation. The Digital Twin is the perfect virtual model of your industrial plant. Therefore, you’re qualified to acquire integrity indicators.

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The Corrosion Management Case with Digital Twin


One of the biggest problems in asset integrity management is corrosion. According to NACE, with corrosion control practices, you can save the estimated of between 15% and 35%. That only of the cost the original maintenance budget. In this context, using Vidya software, on campaigns of 10 years, we calculate that you can save 25% of those expenses.

Also, NACE highlight that according to their reports, the global cost of corrosion maintenance is estimated to be US$2,505 billion. And this without including individual safety or environmental consequences. Therefore, a technology solution able to reduce costs and improve people’s security is required.

See those datas at Nace.

Knowing that industrial assets can be hard to maintain, we’ve been studying how to apply digital technology concepts daily. Our asset integrity specialists Otávio Corrêa, Fulvio Silvio, and Jorge Luiz S. Mariano, wrote an article to explain how digital twin technology can amplify your industry results in corrosion management:

“The digital twin could be defined basically like a digital platform linked to the behavior, and performance in the past, and the real-time, following a key process that helps to optimize the business performance. In our case, the key process is the atmospheric corrosion.” (CORRÊA, Otávio; SILVIO, Fulvio; MARIANO, Jorge L. S.)

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How Vidya does it?


Having this digital platform can get the best performance of your business and reduce your costs. Most importantly, how the digital twin can optimize your maintenance?

Using Digital Twin Technology, a virtual representation of a physical object, Vidya can predict and manage the integrity of the assets. In other words, we link all our data about the integrity inspection, management, and maintenance with the digital twin in a cloud-based model. As a result, we’re capable of manipulating the digital twin at any time based on applying the concepts of real-time operation, decentralization, and virtualization from Industry 4.0.

With Digital Twin Technology, we can use Machine Learning to predict, with analyzed data and virtual simulations, when there’ll be an issue with the integrity of the assets and estimate expenses. Also, the algorithms identifies which of the asset’s elements have a higher corrosion incidence, and further the machine learning will be able to prioritize the maintenance at those places.

The use of this technology makes all the difference in the asset integrity management since you have a full view of how your assets are performing and can estimate the expenses on the inspection and maintenance of these assets. Therefore allowing you to plan inspection and maintenance and prognosticate further costs.


Digital Twin: An Industry Revolution


This is unprecedented control of your industrial assets. Even away from your industrial actives, you can check on the integrity of the assets and select the ones that need an inspection to optimize the work of the employee on the field. It saves time and money integrating the process through a digital program, in addition of making the process more transparent for everyone who works in the business.

Also, according to Deloitte site, the digital twins market—worth US$3.8 billion in 2019—is projected to reach US$35.8 billion in value by 2025. This huge growth happen thanks to the potential of connectivity and data storage that Digital Twin brings.

Digital Twin is a technology capable of revolutionizing the industry, and for Vidya, it represents the ultimate automated 3D model and data of industrial plants. In conclusion, it can guarantee the integrity of industrial assets and integrate the whole process with Artificial Intelligence. Leading to a more efficient and optimized inspection, management, and maintenance of industrial assets. Besides improving people’s security.


Do you want to know more about Digital Twin Technology? Our specialist in integrity, Otavio Corrêa, made this text. 

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