Artificial Intelligence has been one of the technologies that most reflects the period of digital transformation. It is from the various computational AI techniques that algorithms capable of extracting and processing giant amounts of data can be developed and applied in industries.


Artificial Intelligence is one of the most prominent computational techniques in the last decade. Because of this, we have prepared content that covers the main pillars of this technology that has been revolutionizing our lives. Click and access!




We live in an increasingly digital era and every day new technologies take over our routine, our cities, and also industries. However, although artificial intelligence techniques play a fundamental role in digital transformation strategies, they are not the only ones responsible for this incredible digital revolution that we are experiencing.

The IIoT and Digital Twin sensors are the main responsible for the gain of applicability and performance of the artificial intelligence algorithms within the industries.

IIoT is one of the main responsible for digital transformation in industries, understand how this technology is essential for operations through our article. Click and access!




Digital twin is one of the technologies responsible for the strong disruption with manual models of operation and processes. It is through its use that the new digital age has gained more prominence within the industries. A digital twin is nothing more than a virtual model powered by a continuous flow of data from a real asset, in which you can establish scenarios, calculate productivity losses and understand failure mechanisms through knowledge generated through the various phases of PLM .

It is thanks to the use of this technology that many industries have been able to generate new forms of automation in their processes.

From the moment that there is a continuous flow of data, visualizing elements, identifying anomalies that may indicate loss of performance, or even the root of failures that can trigger interruptions in a production line, become less complex, fast, and with a degree of assertiveness that could not be achieved without the knowledge generated by the digital twin.

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When we use prediction and optimization algorithms in a Digital Twin, the continuous flow of data is then processed by mechanisms capable of predicting possible scenarios, identifying opportunities for optimization in the current workflow, or even generating alerts when necessary.

The possibilities generated by the combination of these two technologies are innumerable and more and more industries understand the need to meet the digital transformation.

Having software capable of predicting scenarios, refining the use of labor in the field and finding new opportunities for optimization has attracted the attention of industries that historically have been less receptive to digital transformation.

It is thanks to the results that the use of a refined tool can bring to operations that this change in the positioning of industries has been happening.

Having crucial data for decision making in a few clicks, locating anomalies, drawing up maintenance plans according to the health of the assets, and optimizing team time in the field are just some of the many changes that the use of AI, Digital Twin and IIoT has provided to industries.



The trend is that this need to digitize the industrial sector will intensify even more in the coming years. According to a study published by Gartner, it is predicted that in 2022 at least two-thirds of the companies that already use IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) will also have implemented Digital Twin in their operations. In addition, the same study also indicates that 13% of industries already use digital twin and that 62% are in the process of implementation.

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This shows us the awareness on the part of the sector to refine its processes and operations through the use of technology so that better results are achieved.

Understand in detail how the software has been using digital twin and artificial intelligence and its advantages for the sector. Click and access!

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