It’s impossible to live without technology nowadays. It has connected us and integrated our lives in a community. For the industry, the use of technology isn’t different. Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution has brought the cyber-physical system. That united all industrial processes in a digital platform.

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But why is that so important? When talking about industrial plants, they’re composed of different elements that need inspection from different areas and teams. For example, an industrial plant can have pipes and electric devices. In that way, to guarantee the integrity of those assets, you need distinct persons for inspection and maintenance processes.

Some industrial plants, like Refineries, Offshore Platforms, and Mining plants, can have more than 500 thousand assets. Those assets that can’t stop working, and the integrity of them is essential. Consequently, this scenario can be overwhelming if you don’t have an unique platform that allows you to check on the integrity of those assets.

The production environment itself can be aggressive to the assets. Internal corrosion, atmospheric corrosion, and abrasion are common flaws inside the industrial process. In conclusion, all those assets that need to work 24/7 in that aggressive environment. And with several specialists managing each part of the process, to have a broad control of your industry can be very difficult.


“We’ve noticed that to have an inventory with all the components of an industrial plant, and know the integrity status of every single one of them, is an impossible job without digital devices. At this time we realized that the industry needed a solution.” – Otavio Corrêa. 


So what’s the solution? 

Industry 4.0 offers a lot of mechanisms to make your industry, a smart industry. For instance, we can highlight Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, BIM Technology, Internet of Things (IoT), and Digital Twin. Most importantly, all of them can be united by the premise of an integrated industrial process.

For example, to resolve the problem of control in industrial assets, you may need a digital model of the industrial plant. One able to collect and analyze data of your assets and guarantee the integrity of them with predictive maintenance.

Usually the operational area isn’t connected with the engineering 3D model, and this is what Vidya Digital Twin Technology is capable to achieve. With the Software we attach engineering models. As: data, documents of your industrial plants, equipment, process and procedures in just one operational system. What before were separated things, becomes available in one cloud based platform that can be accessed remotely.

Vidya Software

Firstly, based on 3D engineering models and other documents that map your industrial plant, we create a digital replica of it. Secondly, we parametrize the model with data, workflows, and execution plans. Which the algorithms will use to identify areas with integrity problems. And later, with the Machine Learning algorithm, the model will be able to point out where the predictive inspection and maintenance is necessary.

Therefore, using our solution, you access all the information needed in the operational process. Centralized in just one platform, and have a real-time operating system.

For example, between the improvements Vidya’s Software provides, are:

  • Control of the assets through integrity inspection;
  • Customizable routes for inspection;
  • Work orders management for inspection and maintenance in a digital platform;
  • Predictive inspection and maintenance potentialized by the Machine Learning;
  • Reduction of operational costs;
  • Increase on the quality of the industrial process;
“In our researches we’ve concluded that the Vidya Digital Twin Software can save up 25% of maintenance expenses, and reduce the time in maintenance up to 50%. This is an massive improvement in the asset integrity management!” – Otavio Corrêa. 

At Vidya, we believe that all processes and procedures can be integrated and shared, turning the industrial process more transparent, and efficient. Besides, with predictive inspection and maintenance, you can avoid stopping the whole process for problems in the integrity of assets, and improve the effectiveness of your industry.

Be part of the future with Industry 4.0 and the smart solutions that this concept brings!


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