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Today, we’re going to be talking about the path to an ESG operation.

Change is a natural process of our industries, and through the development that accompanies these operations, these large industries are able to generate changes in shorter periods and with a much higher impact.

Technology is a great ally in industrial operations compliance with the ESG concept, but it is not the only pivot of this great need.

Industries must be aware of their importance in their communities, based on this, it is necessary to draw plans so that there is harmony between the spheres of ESG, respectively, environment, society, and governance.

Furthermore, development must always be accompanied by responsibility.

It is the ESG that dictates:

  • Anti-corruption policies,
  • Social responsibilities
  • Use of resources in order to minimize consequential impacts.

Perhaps, the biggest challenge for our industries within these 03 spheres is in the environmental issue. Not because of a lack of will, but because of the complexity, especially with regard to the energy transition.

And it is precisely in this complexity that industries are supported by government legislation and important institutions so that the objectives of the Treaty of Paris are met.

ESG is not a simple task, but as we can see, historically, the industrial sector has been transforming itself, and in the midst of the period of digital transformation and access to these technologies, never seen before, new horizons begin to be traced.

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