The digital transformation has caused a major disruption in industries. Manual activities were automated through technologies and the trend is that this keeps going even further.

Digitalization is strongly entering the mainstream. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Industrial internet of things and digital twins are the main responsible for this revolution in industries.

The application of these technologies are creating huge cybersystems in industrial plants. With the years passing by and the constant evolution of these technologies we can say that industries of the future will be based on full data-driven operation.

The sharing of information between automated systems will provide decision-makers with the necessary information to fully understand what is happening among the facility. Also predictive algorithms will not only show what is happening but as well predict possible future scenarios.

The digitization will provide industries the knowledge not only for its operations but also its consumers behaviors.

The scenario is that industries will become even more digitized and will use its technological evolution to solve energy transition and climate change issues.

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About the Author: Larissa Frare
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