Iot is one of the most popular technologies from digital transformation. The use of Iot has fallen into mainstream use. Today it is not uncommon to see devices equipped with this kind of sensor in daily lives.

Iot is a technology that enables devices to communicate with themselves without human interaction. One of the most popular examples of IoT devices is the smart home and Amazon’ Alexa.

Its application is so broad that this technology also plays a fundamental role in the industrial environment. The Industrial internet of things is what it’s called.

For industries the importance of this technology is fundamental. Digital transformation has transformed industrial processes and operations. Digitalization is rising fast among many businesses and many say that we’re living in a data-driven era.

So if data is what rules decision-making, the internet of things is responsible for the exchange of data between devices. It’s through the communication made by the sensors that industries have the ability to gather that data and make it work.

In recent studies, it was estimated that the number of IoT platforms in 2019 was 620. In 2021 the value spent on smart home systems was evaluated in 123 billion dollars and the expectation is that the iot global revenued outreach 1.1 trillion dollars by 2023.

The technology’ application is strongly growing and the trend is that this number will keep rising fast.

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